Blind date: Hannah and Arthur

Hannah and Arthur go on a date to The Cluny!

13th March 2017

Hannah on Arthur

Hey Hannah! Where did you go?

Firstly we went to Ernest, but it was pretty packed in there and the only spaces available were on other peoples tables so we decided to pass on that and then we went done to the Cluny instead which was pretty close by, but it was pretty noisy.

It was kind of hard to hear each other at times and that as my fault, it was my suggestion!

Did you talk about anything interesting?

A diverse spectrum of things… we talked about both of our courses and what we study, to like music taste… France came up quite a bit

Why France?

Because Arthur’s thinking of going there next year to teach and I’ve just started an extra module in learning to speak French

So you had a lot in common then?

Erm… Apart from that not a great deal in common. I just waffled on about science fiction films for a bity too long. But the fact we didn’t have much in common wasn’t a bad thing

What do you think he thought about you when he first saw you?

I wore my nice snazzy floral trousers. But I don’t know, hope it was good first impressions

What did you think about him?

Yeah, he had a good outfit, he was wearing a bomber jacket and a shirt  and a really really good bobble hat, which I liked!

What was your favourite thing about him?


If you liked him at all! Did you like him?

I did, he’s a lovely person, he’s very nice and kind and polite

Did this mean you fancied him at all?

I suppose a little bit, maybe

If Arthur was a….

Don’t ask me what body part he was.

If Arthur was a toastie filling what would he be?

I always enjoy pesto, and cheese, that’s always pretty great

Pretty great… like Arthur?

Haha I guess so

Did you kiss?

As we were saying goodbye he sort of came in for a peck… so kind of

Sounds like a success… finally what would you rate him out of 10?

A good 8.5

Cheers Hannah!

Arthur on Hannah

So firstly, where did you take Hannah on your date?

Err, we tried to go to Ernest but it was full so we walked on to The Cluny where we had some drinks which was nice

Ok. sounds fun. What did you get up to there?

We had a drink and a chat. Talked about everything! Like the courses we do,  all sorts really. She was really talkative.

Could you tell me three fun facts about Hannah?

Three fun facts... Ummm... She seemed to really like Sci-Fi films, thought that was pretty cool. She liked cycling and I thought all the art stuff she was doing was really cool. She was telling me about a project she’s currently doing.

What kind of stuff is she doing for her project?

It was kind of like.. some sort of multi-media animation thing but not quite animation if that makes sense? Even she was having a hard time explaining it so it’s probably even harder for me!

Haha fair enough.

It was kinda like over-layering of drawings on screens and exploring movement.

Sounds interesting though! What were your first impressions of her?

I thought she seemed really nice, really talkative. Uhh, friendly.

Did you fancy her at all...?

I thought she was nice; I thought I’d definitely like to get to know her and see her again.

Ah Ok. Have you made plans to see each other again?

We actually went for a coffee yesterday!

So you’ve already been on a second date?!

Yeah! It was nice to see her again so...

I see... so any third dates on the cards?

I’m not sure yet... We’ll see, just testing the waters for now y’know.

Sure. Why not?

I feel like we got on really well in a friendly way.

That’s disappointing. What was the best part of the date regardless?

Um, the atmosphere was really nice, quite chill. I think the best part... Like I really enjoyed getting to know someone new, talking to someone you’ve never met before is really refreshing. The whole process was nice to be honest. It’s nice to get to know someone and ask them about themselves. So I definitely would recommend Blind Date!

If Hannah was a chocolate bar what would she be?

If she was a chocolate bar.... She’d be a.... Snickers? I’m not sure why.

So you’ve seen her again already, do you think you guys will stay friends?

Yeah, I mean we got on really well so I wouldn’t at all be adverse to see her again.

Did she fulfil your hopes and dreams of a first date?

We got on really well so yeah :). We then strolled to the Quayside.. I may have gone in for an awkward peck...

What would you give Hannah out of 10?

A 7.5/8.

That’s pretty good! Thanks, Arthur!

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