Blind Date: Liam Day meets Liv Savage

Liam Day 4th Year Mechanical Engineering meets Liv Savage, 1st Year Geography

7th March 2016

Liam on Liv

So what did you think of her?

I didn’t know she was a first year! I’m 22, she’s 19. That was a bit weird at first, but she’d took a gap year, so she’s technically a second year.

Where did you meet?

We went to Turtle Bay, just for some drinks. Played a blinder with those, because we started drinking before happy hour, but paid during happy hour, so all the glasses of wine that she had went in as 2 for 1.

So you paid for everything?

Yeah… I think she offered but I turned it down. What a gent.

Did she have good chat?

Yeah, there weren’t any awkward silences. We spoke about all sorts. She likes cars, so that was a positive. I went travelled around America driving cool cars so that was a nice common ground. She’s been travelling too.

Where did she go travelling?

She did the whole gap yah thing. I feel like she’s a bit more… cooler than I am.

How much cooler?

Well she wears the whole Adidas jacket, snapback hats thing. She was quite edgy to an extent.

Do you think that’s because she lives in Leazes?

Probably yeah…

Was she posh?


How posh do you think she is?

Erm, well she went to school with the CEO of Sony’s son… or daughter. So probably on the one:wealthy scale, pretty up there.

Did you fancy her?

A little bit, yeah.

What do you think she made of you?

She said she had fun, so hopefully she thought I was alright. I bumped into her on a night out on Thursday actually. We were both absolutely steaming, I have no idea what I said.

Did you get with her?

No. All my mates were on one side and all her mates were on the other side so it was a bit awkward. I think we hugged.

What happened when you left?

She was off to the pub with her mates, so walked up to the pub, kissed her on the cheek, off I went.

Did you lean in for more?

Not on the first date, come on now. Classy gentleman here.

Did you want more?

Maybe in the future.

Did she want more?

Probably not, no.

If you could go back to before the date and know one thing that you didn’t know before, what would it be?

Probably the fact she was a fresher, because that kind of threw me at the start. Apparently she thought I was 3rd year, so that’s alright.

Would you take her home to your parents?

Yeah probably, she seemed like a nice girl. And also apparently her parents are really good cooks so if she met my parents, I could meet hers and get some good food.

So do you think it’s got potential in the future?

Well I’m seeing her again on Tuesday, so we’ll see wont we.

So have you been messaging since?

A little bit. After the date, and after I saw her on Thursday.

Okay… if she was an animal what animal will she be?

A bull BECAUSE she’s a fan of Lamborghini’s and that’s the animal on the Lamborghini badge.

So, out of 10, rate your date?

We’ll go for a 9.

Liv on Liam

So you went to Turtle Bay, who picked and how did you find it?

It was actually really good. It was the first time I’d been because it’s just opened, but the drinks were so nice. We didn’t eat or anything.

What were your first impressions of him?

Well I’d Facebook stalked him before, so at least I knew who I was looking for. He was really nice, and we got on well. I knew that if anyone would do a blind date they’ve got to be slightly outgoing, not shy.

What did you think about the fact he was 22?

That doesn’t really bother me. I’m 19 so… its fine.

What were your common interests?

We spoke quite a lot about travelling. Food, not much, just really random stuff. Nothing really exciting for anyone else I’ve gotta be honest.

What do you think he said about you when he was describing you to your friends?

Probably that I was posh, and that I was a first year. Maybe… outgoing a bit? I like to think it was positive.

Did you fancy him?

I thought he was really funny but he’s not my usual type.

What’s your usual type?

Like a rugby player sort of build. But he was still nice. I saw him on Thursday night actually. Yeah, he said.

What happened?

I just saw him passing, and then we said hi. But we were both really drunk so all I can remember was hugging, chatting, he gave me some alcohol cos he had loads of free alcohol. Then I had to go, so it was just a quick hey.

But you’re seeing him again aren’t you, so it’s obviously good enough to go on a second date?

Yeah, we had such a good time. It went really quick. I thought we’d only been there an hour but the guy at the bar said it was happy hour, which was at 10, so we’d actually been there like 2 hours.

So would you take him home to your parents?

Probably, my parents are really relaxed, they don’t judge much.

So he’s from the north and you’re from the south, do you think there was any culture difference?

Erm, we didn’t really talk much about school or anything. He did take the piss about me being posh though, saying ‘yeah you and your mansion and your helicopter’. [Laughs]

He did mention you going to school with the child of Sony’s CEO though, that’s pretty cool…

Yeah it is cool, but she brags quite a lot about owning helicopters and stuff though. I’m pretty normal.

Were you tempted to kiss him?

Probably not on a first blind date.

If you could go back to before the date and know one thing, what would it be?

Definitely that he was a vegetarian, because I kept talking about meat and then forgetting he was a vegetarian. I felt really bad. He was just like ‘oh yeah I imagine that’s great’ and I thought, oh yeah of course… But then we moved on.

If he was a biscuit what biscuit would he be?

Oh god I dunno, I don’t tend to eat biscuits. My favourite is a chocolate digestive, so maybe that? He might not even like chocolate… but he’s nice and I like chocolate [Laughs].

What about if he was an animal?

Probably go with a vegetarian animal, an otter just sprung to mind but I don’t know why.

Do you know what, I can see that.

I think its because he looks slightly like an otter, maybe.

Out of 10, how would you rate the date?

I think I’d give it an 8.

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