Blind Date: Samantha and Max

Samantha and Max give us the down-low on their date.

30th November 2015


So where did you go?

We went to Nancy’s Bordello. I decided to go because the pub quiz was on. He wanted to go to Francesca’s, but there’s always a massive queue there and I didn’t want to be stood around waiting for a table, so I thought we should go to Nancy’s instead.

How was it?

Well, he’d booked a table and everything for 8. But then I was late meeting him at the metro.

How late were you?

10 minutes, not too bad.

So, you sat down and got drinks, who got the drinks?

He got the first round and I got the second round, so we took it in turns. He paid for the quiz too!

So tell be about the quiz, who was better at knowing the answers?

He was really good and knew loads of the answers, we came second. But there was so many people I knew at the quiz, loads of girls from my school. I kept bumping into people at the bar and stuff, and being like ‘I didn’t even know you went to Newcastle…’

I see, did he think you were a bit of a BNOC?

No, because I spoke to people while he was at the toilet so I avoided him seeing.

Did you swoon over how clever he was?

No, but I was buzzing he knew all the answers! One of the rounds was an interactive round, and you had to go up to the bartender and say your best chat-up line. He said the, “I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I know I can make your BedRock” one [laughs].

Did you cringe at that?

No because everyone else was doing it, and there was this group of girls that were just laughing too hard and making a scene, so I thought at least they were worse than us.

So did you like his personality, did he have good craic?

Yeah, can’t remember what over though. He thought I was really outgoing and up for a laugh because I did Fresher’s crew, and then I said “let’s go to the 20 Minute society social afterwards”, I think he thought ‘this girl’s up for a good time!’

So after you came second, what did you go?

We went to the cashpoint, and then Cosy Joe’s [the Karaoke bar], because that was where the 20 Minute society social was.

Did you sing any songs together?

Yeah, we sang Blank Space by Taylor Swift on stage together. But then halfway through all the 20 Minute Society lot got up on the stage, and I was like ‘get off!’ [laughs]

So you wanted it to be just you and him?


Did you feel a spark?

No! That’s just cringey.

What happened after that?

We left, just us two, to get chips. He got chips and mayo and I got cheesy chips. Then he walked me home, and then… we kissed [laughs]

How did that happen???

Don’t know… just… when we were hugging goodbye.

Were you both quite drunk?

Yeah, well I was, we spent the whole night side by side. Except for when I went to the toilet and my friend Charlie cornered him and started asking him questions like whether he had good intentions or not! …he said he found it intimidating.

Would you take him home to your parents?

Yeah, he’s talkative and he’s nice.

Okay, if he was an animal what would he be?

A dog, because he’s playful.

Finally, 1-10, how would you rate the date?



Why didn’t you man up and suggest where to go on the date?

Well, I think Sam wanted something a bit more casual than a meal out, like drinks instead, which I don’t mind! So I was happy with what she chose.

What kind of things did you talk about?

We talked about quite a lot actually, family life,

errrrrrm [struggles to think of other topics]. I found out she’s on my ex’s course, so that was a great topic of conversation, not at all awkward. Everything came out naturally, so I couldn’t tell you exactly what topics we talked about.

Was the mention of ex the only awkward


I mean it wasn’t actually that awkward, because she already knew, so she brought it up herself without me having to say anything, and I could kind of tell already by our mutual friends on Facebook. There was also one moment in the quiz where you had to go up and give a chat up line to the bartender, so that was a bit awkward.

Were you offended by her lateness?

No, definitely not, it was only a couple of minutes. To be honest, I always expect my date to be at least 10 minutes late, so anything under 10 minutes was fine.

Ideal. So would your parents approve?

Yeah, definitely. She was a really cool fun girl, really easy to talk to. My parents are really easy going people, but they would definitely approve of a girl who they could go for a pint with, rather than a girl who sort of… thinks a lot of themselves.

She said that you were getting a lot of the questions right in the pub quiz, were you trying to show off?

No! I actually was trying to be too clever on one of them. The question was ‘what sport was invented in 1895?’, and I knew the rugby team I supported was invented in 1880, so I said it can’t be rugby, and it turns out it actually was rugby, so I looked like a bit of a dick! I guess I got a couple right.

If she was an animal, what animal would she be?

I’m going to say a hyena, because she laughed a lot. I’m not sure if that was me or if she just generally laughs a lot. Also she’s up for a laugh, bit cliché, but yeah.

Did the date progress to anywhere else?

We met up with the 20 Minute Society social at Cosy Joes afterwards, which was fun because we both saw people we knew there.

Who chose the karaoke song?

She did, I suggested something like ‘Wonderwall’, but she said no. She chose some break-up Taylor Swift song instead.

Will there be a second date?

I did ask Sam and she did say yes the first two times I asked, and then upon chasing it up she said that she’d rather just be friends, which is fair enough, she said she had a lot on.

Fair enough. So how would you rate your date out of 10?

I’d say it was probably a 10, it was the ideal date.

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