Blind Date: Toby and Jamie

Third Year Genetics student, Toby Edkins, meets First Year Chemistry student, Jamie Lambert, at The Hancock for a blind date.

Holly Mawdsley
2nd March 2020
Image: Emma Monaghan
Third Year Genetics student Toby Edkins met with First Year Chemistry student Jamie Lambert for a blind date arranged by the Courier.

Toby on Jamie

So Toby, tell me about yourself.
I’m a really fun, open minded and light-hearted person.

What was Jamie like?
Jamie was really friendly and confident which I liked a lot, it meant conversation flowed very naturally and easily. He was also very straight-forward and to the point, which I enjoyed as I am too. I got the impression that he was really work orientated and liked the finer things in life and as conversation progressed found that we don’t have too much in common.

What did you guys talk about on the date?
We talked about a lot from star signs to accents but the majority of the conversation was mainly based around uni life and our friends and families Although he didn’t ask very much about me at all.

If Jamie was a drink what drink would he be?
He is a boujie flavoured gin and lemonade.

What went badly was the amount that we disagreed on quite big topics

What went well and what went badly on your date?
The Hancock was a really nice setting , the food and the staff were very nice. What went badly was the amount that we disagreed on quite big topics but mainly for me that he didn’t really ask much about me and talked a lot about himself. He also mentioned a few things that weren’t necessary like money and how much people in his family earned. Also when I told him I was vegetarian for the environment he said how he didn’t care about the environment and didn’t think eating meat made much of a difference, which I found small minded.

What was Jamie’s best feature? Both looks and personality?
I really liked his hair, it was very curly which I love. Personality wise id say definitely how up front and self-confident he was.

What is the most interesting thing you learnt about Jamie?
That his sister is an actress on the west end and has been in loads of mint shows.

What did you think Jamie thought about you?
He probably thought that I was a bit airy fairy. I think he was practical minded so wasn’t as into/didn’t really get when I was talking about star signs stuff.

Will you see each other again?
I doubt it as I don’t think there was anything romantic there.

Jamie on Toby

Why did you sign up for blind date?
To hopefully find someone to spend time with on an intimate level.

Tell us about yourself.
I'm fun, bubbly and fierce. I have a big personality and need someone to match that.

What is your usual type?
I don’t really have a usual type, I like someone who is able to challenge me and make me work.

What were your first impressions of Toby?
I thought he was a genuinely nice person.

What did you make of The Hancock for your date location?
Good relaxing location, and the food and drinks were great.

I know you had pizza on the date, if Toby was a pizza which pizza would he be?
Margarita, he’s nice but you would only eat it if you didn’t like any of the other pizzas, you’d have it if you got offered it.

Did you guys have a lot in common?
We talked a fair amount about general life but not much we had in common.

Did you find out anything interesting about Toby?
He told me about his genetics course and having to lecture 6 groups of 20 people in second year and that he was wanting to do midwifery. I found it interesting, as I would find that quite intimidating.
Toby said you disagreed on some topics, how did that go?
Probably about food we eat, like about eating meat maybe. We both have different opinions on it which is fine.

He’s got a heart of gold and deserves someone lovely

What is Toby’s best feature?
He’s got a heart of gold and deserves someone lovely unfortunately we are just very different people. I do wish him the best because he’s honestly so lovely.

Will you meet Toby again for a second date?
Probably not, we are both very different people and at different stages in our life.

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