Blogger of the week: Amy Bell

Chloe Laws scouts out the best of the blogosphere and explains why The Little Magpie gets the crown

30th November 2015

inding style inspiration can be difficult, as navigating through the endless blogger feeds on Instagram can be overwhelming with so many options now-a-days. However street style is one of the best ways to find new up and coming brands and to discover new exciting ways to build outfits.

There are a lot of bloggers out there who use it as a purely financial platform, with endless endorsements and barely any genuine interest in what they’re plugging. I’ve done the work for you and sifted throughto find a blogger who’s still got a bit of individuality about them, and isn’t just in it for the free teeth-whitening kits.

This week’s favourite from the vast blogger-sphere is the ultimate queen of petite dressing; Amy Bell from ‘’.

Amy started her blog whilst at uni studying English Literature as an outlet to get away from academia and write about less formal, more colourful subjects. This hobby turned out pretty well as she now has 74.5K followers on Instagram, and 12k on bloglovin’, allowing it to become a full-time career.

If fashion blogs aren’t your thing, then ‘thelittlemagpie’ also has a plethora of posts on travel and lifestyle; whether that’s gluten free recipes, a photo diary of a weekend in Paris, or write ups of the numerous blogger events she attends- there’s something for everyone!

If you prefer watching rather than reading your fashion info, then Amy also has a YouTube channel under the same user name as her blog. Her melodic Scottish accent, dry humour and random outbursts of (incredible) singing make the typical ‘monthly favourite’ videos stand-out from the more famous but sickly-sweet YouTubers.

‘It’s all about balance, Amy pushes the boat out but doesn’t sail it all the way across the ocean’’

Her style is a mixture of androgynous dressing with statement pieces. Amy has the art of layering perfected, she uses neutral colour pallets but adds texture and colour through her accessories. We can all learn a thing or two from her; black leather trousers go well with anything, headbands aren’t just for Blair Waldorf and a chunky grey scarf is seriously underrated!    

Although winter is arguably the best time for fashion it can be difficult to keep warm and look stylish. It’s very easy to end up looking like you’re about to climb Mount Everest/ look double your size with all the layers.

little magpie3onlineAmy’s top tips for A/W include not undervaluing the power of the jacket! She states that the four coats to take you through the season includes the tailored, the blazer, the fur and the leather- who are we to argue when her collection is so ‘#goals’ worthy?

As a fellow short girl, it’s nice to see a blogger who doesn’t play by the ‘dress-for-your-shape’ rule. Don’t get me wrong, her outfits are always flattering, but she doesn’t rule out trends just because of her height. For instance she regularly dons suits, culottes and full skirts; proving that if you look hard enough there is always a version of every trend that will work for you.

So next time you have a browse on ASOS, have a scroll through ‘thelittlemagpie’ tag to remind yourself not to limit your outfit options. It’s all about balance; Amy pushes the boat out but doesn’t sail it all the way across the ocean.

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