Blogger of the Week: Confetti Crowd

Chloe Laws tells us about her fave bloggers of the moment, psychedelic girl gang Confetti Crowd

15th February 2016

Our blogger of the week is a bit different this time, as it comes in the form of a blogging girl gang called ‘Confetti Crowd’. The group is made up of five girls: Heidi a singer/songwriter who founded the group, Tiger a photographer and blogger, Lucy a fashion designer and blogger, Helena who is the owner of ‘sassy world’, and finally Cheyenne who is a DJ/presenter. They have dubbed themselves as the UK’s first girl group of creatives, and although that seems like a big title, it is definitely true!

The five girls all met at a shoot for the brand Motel, and within a month Confetti Crowd was up and running. Their idea was pretty simple; to unite as a sort of ‘anti’ group. Blogging now-a-days acts as a prototype of how to be successful, and those with the most followers usually have on-trend and neutral wardrobes…but not these five! Lucy stated in an interview that “the most successful bloggers are very similar, very safe. I hate that word. But if you’re crazy, you won’t have as many followers”, and with that motto their aim is to brighten up the streets of London! Joining forces for these girls means they are far more likely to be able to make blogging their full time profession, as their individual followings pulled together amounts to a hefty number. They have already landed some pretty big campaigns, for companies such as Nike, XXY Magazine, Nylon Magazine and Missguided; not bad for only a year of being together! The best thing about a blogging group is that it widens who you’d usually follow, for example I’ve always been a fan of Lucy (@lulutriaxabelle) and Tiger (@Ttigerlily), but didn't know who the other three were; now they have all become regulars on my Instagram stalking list.

"What makes them even better is that the clothes they wear don't cost a bomb"

What makes them even better is that the clothes they wear don't cost a bomb, as they are all fans of charity shops and vintage, with Helena even owning her own vintage online store. So for once trying to emulate an outfit you’ve seen a blogger wear isn’t impossible, and you won’t need a tonne of dollar- just a love for sifting through bargain buckets. If thrifting isn’t your thing, don’t worry, Confetti Crowd are great at finding sassy bargains on the high-street or from places online such as LaModa.

"For once trying to emanate an outfit you've seen a blogger wear isn't impossible and you won't need a tonne of dollar"

The girl gang all bring something different to the table. Lucy, Cheyenne and Tiger are 90s lovers, whereas Helena and Heidi sway towards the 70s/80s. You may be thinking that yes they look fab, but in reality if I dressed like this would I just end up looking like a clown? And I’d disagree, Tiger and Cheyenne’s looks are the most wearable so looking to them for inspiration may be the best place to start. Taking elements from each individual would be a recipe for sassiness; Lucy’s make-up is exceptional, Cheyenne’s hair is always amazing and Heidi’s jewellery is super quirky! Even if their style really isn’t your cup of tea, their taste in music or clubs may be, as they all have seriously eclectic tastes.

So basically, if you love a bit of girl power and like dressing a tad out there, head on over to @confetticrowd for oodles of wardrobe envy.

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