BoJack Horseman season six! What do we know? Do we know things? Let's find out!

Alfie Blincowe BoJack Horseman's return for a sixth and final season.

Alfie Blincowe
9th October 2019
Image: IMDb
Netflix's favourite troubled horse-man is returning for his sixth and final series. Will BoJack be getting the ending he deserves?

Last time we saw the famous 90s TV star he was being dropped off at rehab after struggling throughout the entire series with various addictions. The trailer for the new season, that aired on September 27th, seems to point towards him getting his life together while the other character's lives fall apart. As BoJack says in his letter to both Diane and the audience "Every time someone leaves rehab it makes you think about your own progress."

Last series we saw Mr. Peanutbutter's facade of happiness slip, but he ultimately pushed through his negative thoughts, pretending he was happy enough to propose to his pug girlfriend. There are sure to be ramifications for this, which may lead to the happy-go-lucky dog falling into despair even deeper than BoJack's. The future doesn't look too bright for Princess Caroline who has finally got her baby, after the audience has watched her struggle to conceive, leading to the process of adoption.

Fans of the show know that the writers don't shy away from depression and the darkness of the mind, which is why the show is so beloved by many. We may see the more depressing side of motherhood and how overwhelming it can be, hopefully in an episode as creative and harrowing as 'Time's Arrow' or 'The Old Sugarman Place'. But this is a comedy show, after all, so we're sure to have a few laughs in between the raw existential crisis that BoJack Horseman always brings. Look forward to more high-jinx in Hollywoo on October 25th when part one of the final season is released. Fans will have to wait until January 31st to see the final in part 2- here's hoping there isn't a gut-wrenching cliffhanger between them.

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