Brand of the week: Tsuki

Laura J. Williams shares her brand of the moment, Tsuki, and why you should know about it too

Laura J. Williams
25th June 2020
@tsuki_market on Instagram
My brand of the week must be Tsuki, and specifically their new line ‘Tsuki Space Program’. A ‘unisex clothing and homeware brand that creates thoughtfully designed and ethically made products’, as stated by co-founder Felix and Marzi Kjellberg.

You may have never heard of Tsuki, and that’s okay, but when visiting the site you will be embraced by the creativity of all of the lines released so far, those being, as mentioned, the ‘Tsuki Space Program’,  ‘Why Are You Sad Again?’ and their basic’s range.  All of these lines have a minimalistic, wearable style, with each line sporting it’s own colour theme and aesthetic.

The Logo for Tsuki, meaning 'Moon' in Japanese

The basics range boasts a clean light pink and black appearance, with items ranging from oversized hoodies, caps, embroidered turtlenecks, and my favourite, a wool beret. All including the original Tsuki logo.

The ‘Why Are You Sad Again?’ range continues to sport the same colour range of light pink and black, but with additional items, such as an adorable set of cropped overalls, and while this line no longer presents the brands' logo, but the lines logo instead; of a very adorable sad sun.

The newest range, ‘Tsuki Space Program’ still follows a colour theme, but now moving onto brighter colours, with oranges and yellows, whilst toning it down with splashes of white, grey and navy. This makes the range more wearable in a pallet present in all pieces on the line. This line has no apparent set logo or branding, but instead strictly follows the Space Program theme, whilst still being realistic everyday clothing. Such as the Space Vest, Space Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt and Space Joggers.

apparel that will stand out just as much as it will blend in

But why this brand? Of course, the fact that all of the pieces are ethically made is a massive influence, and the most important reason to pick Tsuki, but this isn’t necessarily the reason for me. My logic for choosing Tsuki as the brand of the week is their refreshingly unisex apparel, something that so many lines miss out on, apparel that will stand out just as much as it will blend in.  And as a plus, the brand is also designed by a wonderful couple, and although they both already have enough merits on their own and Tsuki may only be a bonus to their lives, they really seem to have a future and talent in design.

All images from Instagram

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