Certain Women (12A)

Helena Buchanan heads to see this film starring Kristen Stewart. Will it be interesting, or maybe just boring?

Helena Buchanan
20th March 2017

It’s weirdly difficult to try to think of whole sentences to describe this film, rather than just words. Delicate/Hygge-esque/Warm when your cheeks are cold (not a word, I know, but too short and too pretentious to be a real sentence)/ Anything with cinnamon and raison.

It’s based on a collection of stories, which have been adapted well - they’re not obnoxiously and fatalistically drawn together in some huge dramatic denouement, or tacky ‘omg we’re all connected’ moment. The two lawyers in parallel stories didn’t even know each other which was great. You never guess what is coming, partly because nothing really comes, save an uber-satisfied feeling.

As it was based on a collection of stories the strict palette/aesthetic did not become annoying. The orangey tones verging on a sepia affect felt like a writer’s style, working to connect the stories, rather than over-zealous production (which it was, but it worked).

"It was a film about (admittedly entirely white) women but was neither centred around romance, nor pointedly feminist"

Another thing I enjoyed was that it was a film about (admittedly entirely white) women but was neither centred around romance, nor pointedly feminist. It was just women being women in the varied capacities that it is possible to be a woman. Which was hugely fucking refreshing. Turns out we have things to do other than drool over men or eat ice cream talking about men or be gay because it’s totally revoloutionary and obviously the only reason why we wouldn’t be talking about men or burning our bras because we hate men. Ground-breaking right! (Turns out depressingly so)

This film also helped to re-affirm my love for Kristen Stewart. My perception of her has always been a more balanced one than most, having never seen the Twilight films. But once again (I direct you to Still Alice and The Runaways) she is great. Her performance and that of Lily Gladstone (who stole the whole thing) remarkably overshadowed Laura Dern and Michelle Williams.

Overall great film. Watch if you like not much happening and well-made stuff.

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Rating: 8/10

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