Christmas dinner... to take away please

As we are always told, we are the generation that rushes through life and pretty much lead our existence on the move. Living up to our stereotype, the Lifestyle Editors give you the top 10 ways to enjoy your Christmas dinner (mainly in sandwich form) whilst madly rushing from town to Robbo to get those end of term assignments in on time.

14th December 2015

8. Turkey, bacon & cranberry sausage roll, M&S, 3/10

M&S are usually one of the star performers in the sandwich world. However, this one fell short of their normal standard. The turkey and bacon didn’t really come through at all. The only thing I could taste was sausage and cranberry sauce, and whilst I love both of them individually, that combo just wasn’t worth the £3. The pastry was also pretty oily- definitely not up to the same crispiness as Greggs. Although, if you are looking for a SUPER speedy lunch, it is pretty filling and will be gone in approximately 3 bites so if you don’t have time for a proper Christmas sandwich,  this would be perfect.

7. Subway Chicken and Bacon Ranch, Subway, 4/10

The fast food sandwich king Subway are putting up a pretty poor show for this festive season, claiming that a chicken and bacon ranch melt counts as a Christmas special. Firstly, I’m pretty sure this sandwich is available all year round and secondly, it isn’t a Christmas sandwich without turkey and/or stuffing. It’s still a nice sandwich, for a reasonable price but I’m afraid it just isn’t festive enough for my liking.

6.Turkey and butternut squash stuffing sandwich, M&S, 5/10

Another contender from M&S, this one fares better than the sausage roll - evidently their strengths lie in sandwich making, not pastries. This is for those who want to enjoy their Christmas dinner without putting on those Christmas pounds. After trying this sandwich though, I don’t really know why you would bother. Eating healthy is a little dull... which is reflected in this sarnie. It was all a bit dry- the butternut squash stuffing didn’t have the succulence of the standard meat one. The orange and pomegranate had a nice touch, but it was more chunky than juicy which again made for a pretty dry and dull mouthful.It could be far worse; if you’re looking for a less calorific sandwich- since Christmas can be pretty indulgent - this is the better one to go for since it is healthy without verging on those vegetarian substitutes.

Turkey, stuffing and cranberry, Sainsburys, 7/10

This is a pretty substantial lunch if you’re ever starving hungry and in the Christmas mood. Value for money is therefore pretty good because Sainsbury’s don’t take the mickey with pricing. Aside from being a good price, however, the sandwich itself tasted pretty much like a regular chicken salad with a pitiful amount of festive stuffing and cranberry sauce. Most of the festive fillings are overwhelmed by the huge amount of mayo they stick in there. Overall, as always, you get what you pay for with Sainsburys. Good value, but not for those who are picky about their mayo-filling ratios.

4. Christmas Lunch sandwich, Pret-a-manger, 8/10

Everyone knows that Pret sandwiches are some of the best you can find. As one of the most expensive places to grab your lunch on the go, you do expect perfection incarcerated in bready goodness.This Christmas Lunch sandwich does not disappoint. As you can see from the picture, they are very generous with the filling, basically bursting out of the packaging. They manage to get the perfect combination of crunch, stuffing, turkey and sauce; something which most of these other sandwiches struggle with. If you can choke down the high pricing (nearly £4) you will most definitely not be choking on this bad boy. If you’re not balls deep in your overdraft this season, treat yourself.

3. Boots Christmas Selection, Boots, 9/10

If you are one of those awkward buggers that JUST can’t decide what the best thing about Christmas, here’s a combo of everything you could possibly need. You’ve got poultry, fish and cheese all in one meal. Who needs to sit down for Christmass dinner this year? The pricing isn’t too bad either- for you O2 priority peeps, pop down to Boots on a Monday and you can grab this in a meal deal for just £1! The only bad thing about this sandwich is that inevitably, you’re going to have your favourites. For me, I wish there was more of the Turkey and stuffing; it is pretty perfect. The cheddar and fig was a bit bland after that delight. Very close contender for the top place. If you can’t be arsed to venture further down Northumberland Street, Boots will definitely sort you out.

2. House dinner leftover sandwich, Your own kitchen, 9/10

Cooking a Christmas dinner always means leftovers for days and a leftover sandwich is the best way to cure a hangover. Of course, the contents and quality of the sandwich will differ depending on your housemate’s cooking ability. We cannot guarantee that your sandwich will not feature a dodgy three-bird-roast jobby from Iceland. However, a home-cooked (and free) offering will always trump anything a supermarket can give you.

1. Turkey and stuffing (with all the trimmings), Frankie and Tony’s, 10/10

HURRAY! WE’VE FOUND IT! Get yourself down to Frankie and Tony’s when you’re in the deepest, darkest sorrow and see no way of enjoying Christmas. You’ll find the dedicated staff working at top speed to get through the (definitely bigger than last year) queue down the road. This beauty will never fail to cheer you up. You can choose marg or mayo, what salad you want so none of the nasty surprises like in packaged sandwiches.

You can either eat your precious sandwich straight away when it’s lovely and warm - although at your own peril as they put so much filling in, it can be a bit messy. Or you can rush home and enjoy at your leisure. Personally, I would recommend the latter, since this sandwich has the same affect on me as consumming a proper Christmas Dinner i.e. needing to lie down and fall asleep from sheer delightful fullness. For us, it’s an easy win.

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