A Guide to Newcastle's Celebrated Night Life

If you are looking for a definitive breakdown here you have it

Mollie Middle
16th October 2017

If you are looking for a definitive breakdown here you have it: 

Soho Rooms – No matter your music taste, you are guaranteed to dance to the bog-standard music. And it’s free, so no need to worry about dipping into the student loan.

Flares – Everyone’s guilty pleasure, featuring cheesy tunes and exceptional pole dancing.

MSA – Basement club with an eclectic mix of music being thrown around. Highlights include ‘Soundboy’ on Mondays, which caters to grime and hip hop lovers, and Thursday’s ‘Off The Record’ being dedicated to disco, funk and soul; this is a club for everyone.

You can almost taste the cheese

You can almost taste the cheese

World HQ – Boasting two floors, pioneers frequenting the decks and a good positive atmosphere, World HQ is a club that prides itself on bringing the underground to Newcastle in a judgement free zone, bringing people together with a shared passion for music. From techno to dub to soul, there is an eclectic mix here, all projected through an incredible soundsystem. Upcoming, unmissable events including Juan Atkins and Ross from Friends on October 19th.

Quest 808 – A new collective looking to bring pioneers and innovative artists of electronic genres to Newcastle, with their first booking Henry Wu providing a cozy and uplifting atmosphere with a down to earth audience. Check out A Guy Called Gerald on November 15th @ SR44 Warehouse.

A big destination for mainstream house and shuffle lovers, as well as students looking to gurn

Digital – A superclub with a major capacity that regularly holds events such as ‘Cirque Du Soul’ and ‘Futurefunk’. This is a big destination for mainstream house and shuffle lovers, as well as students looking to gurn.

Powerhouse – If you don’t want to go home at 3am, appreciate euro trash remixes and are willing to pay a tenner for entry, this is the place for you.

Swingers – The sweatiest and most overpriced night in Newcastle.

Cosmic Ballroom – A house and techno hub with frequent big names from those genres gracing the club. Helena Hauff on November 3rd is not one to miss.

Music so sinful you wouldn't be caught dead listening to it

Sinners – The definition of trashy, with the headliner being a metal cage and the music so sinful you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to (this death being caused by falling down the stairs on the way back from the loo). The only bonus is cheap drinks.

Dog and Parrot – A quirky, indie-themed pub with a great ambience and an diverse mix of music played throughout, also hosting live music with a strong emphasis on indie rock and cheap trebs.

Gotham – An alternative venue that prides itself on presenting a mix of old and new indie music, for those who want to hear Talking Heads over David Guetta.

Tiger Tiger – avoid at all costs.

(Notable other places to check out – Tyne Bar, Ernest, Cobalt Studios, Kommunity, Bar Loco, Hoochie Coochie)

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