Colour Me Impressed

As an art lover myself, I couldn’t contain my excitement and curiosity.

9th November 2015

Needing some down-time that can distract you from dissertations and essays for a while? Whether you are missing childhood activities or maybe just have nothing to do, then, colouring in is the right choice for you. But people think that colouring is an activity only for children… No, not anymore. A variety of grown-up versions are available almost everywhere. Believe it or not, this is a popular trend. According to the Daily Mail bookstores’ best seller lists are taken over and millions of copies were sold.

   Adult colouring is not only made for people who are talented, but is also suitable for those who think that they’re bad artists. So, don’t be afraid to try if you feel you’re not artistic in the slightest¬¬. The lines guide you. Besides, trying to colour inside the line has a benefit for your mind. It increases your focus, but not so much that it’s stressful. That’s why some people use this method to escape from their stress as it has a calming therapeutic effect. Another reason is because people can actually enjoy themselves – free from the pressures of real life.

'Each page contains different illustrations that make a storyline.'

   But what can a person gain from a children’s activity? It’s the sheer fun of it that we need. I think, even if it had no benefits for us, many would still probably choose to do it. Especially now adults have their own version of colouring books. De-stressing might be a result from the inherent enjoyment, but in my opinion, it is simply an added plus. In the end, colouring for grown-up is a good thing because it’s fundamentally fun.

   If you want to start but are embarrassed - don’t be! Just remember, your colouring book is your colouring book. Everyone else’s opinion doesn’t matter. If you don’t want to show it to anyone, then you don’t need to. It can be one of your guilty pleasures. Make it your secret world where only you and your imagination are needed. It’s a world you created and you should be proud of yourself. You can do whatever you want with it.

'I’m honestly proud of my results and some of my friends know it.'

   As an art lover myself, I couldn’t contain my excitement and curiosity about this new phenomenon.  I impulsively bought one titled ‘The Time Garden’ by Daria Song. Seriously, this is one of my best decisions of the year. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw the cover page. Each page contains different illustrations that make a storyline. The paper itself is thick enough for various colouring tools to be used. I started to colour the book recently and it’s really entertaining. I’m honestly proud of my results and some of my friends know it. About the effects: I found it really relaxing and calming. Colouring removes other thoughts from the brain and focus on doing it. So, if you need a distraction from all your assignments, this might be the distraction for you.

‘Adult colouring is the latest trend and some of my friends do this. They said it’s relaxing and fun. But, it’s most likely to be a guilty pleasure. Not everyone can admit it and will keep it that way.’ – Tia Atriani

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