Deaf Havana - All These Countless Nights

Tom Cox reviews Deaf Havana's new album, All These Countless Nights

Tom Cox
13th February 2017

DEAF HAVANA’s road to this album has certainly not been a straight forward one, after the release of Old Souls in 2013 the band lost their appetite and was on the verge of breaking up in the months that followed. However after the success of single ‘Cassiopeia,’ released in late 2015 the band has regenerated leading to the production of All These Countless Night.

Deaf Havana have always had a special place in the British rock scene, James Vecki-Gilodi’s lyrics are unlike any other band. The bands unique mix of folk and punk lends a very unique sound that has led them to shows with the likes of BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN and MUSE.

"This album is not at all static in sound"

All These Countless Nights shows a new DEAF HAVANA that fans will love. The strength of opening tracks ‘Ashes, Ashes’ and ‘Trigger’ sucks you into a whirlwind 40 minutes of rock music. ‘Happiness’ brings us back to the DEAF HAVANA we know and love, but this is a new, brave DEAF HAVANA. ‘I’ve been trying out this thing called happiness for a while/But I never truly cleared my cluttered mind’ shows James laying him bear, which is what you expect from a DEAF HAVANA album. From the power and boldness of ‘Sing’ to the country style of ‘Seattle’ this album is not at all static in sound. This is, without a doubt, a braver and bolder band and its worked out for the better with this album.

For a band that was clinging on for dear life not 2 years ago to come back and produce an album of this quality is nothing short of a miracle. With a UK and European tour starting this month these boys are definitely ones to watch this year.

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