Detective Pikachu film trailer

Alex Darbyshire takes a look at Detective Pikachu's new trailer, and hopes for the future of the film.

Alex Darbyshire
26th November 2018
Image Credit: Flickr (Ma_Co2013)

Pikachu in a hat… what could possibly go wrong? Recently announced, in a partnership between the Pokemon Company and Legendary Entertainment, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, is the first live action Pokemon film ever.

An initial trailer dropped on 12 November, giving us a glimpse into this adaptation of the Detective Pikachu game. With the titular character voiced by none other than Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, as well as the high production values of the CGI creatures, one can be sure not a penny was spared.

Director Rob Letterman, of Goosebumps and Monsters vs. Aliens fame is at the helm, meaning a strong director will be handling the production of this film, whose fans can be rather… sensitive at times.

One can be sure not a penny was spared.

In any case, they are likely more excited than any Monster Hunter fan was when seeing photography of that franchise’s respective film (yikes).

Needless to say, this trailer release has pricked up many ears for its release in May 2019.

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AUTHOR: Alex Darbyshire
Gaming Editor, part-time human.

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