Director's Chair: Martin Scorsese

Muslim Taseer looks back at three movies of the old master Martin Scorsese

Muslim Taseer
11th March 2020
Martin Scorsese (b.1942) Image:Wikimediacommons

Chosen director: Martin Scorsese 

Year of birth / nationality: 1942 – / American 

Years active: 1963 – present

Number of feature films: 26 

Genre(s): Crime / Drama / Epic / Thriller 

Chosen filmsRaging Bull (1980) / Goodfellas (1990) / The Departed (2006) 

Martin Scorsese started out as a filmmaker in college, making short films while he was at the Tisch School of Arts. It was during this timeframe he began work on his first feature film “Who's That Knocking at My Door” (1967) which would become the first of over two dozen amazing feature films made by Scorsese.  

Film 1: Raging Bull (1980) 

After spending the 70s cementing his visual style, making friends with multiple accomplished director and establishing himself as one with Mean Streets (1974) and Taxi Driver (1976) amongst others, and developing a cocaine addiction, Scorsese was pulled out of the hole he was in By Robert De Niro and set himself into making Raging Bull, a biopic of Boxer Jake LaMotta. He put absolutely everything he had into the film and it’s now widely regarded as his masterpiece.  

Robert De Niro as real life boxing great Jake LaMotta in Raging Bull, Image:IMDB

Film 2: Goodfellas (1990) 

10 years later in 1990, Scorsese came out with Goodfellas, which was considered his comeback to full form after a decade of mixed results. There’s not a lot you can say about Goodfellas that hasn’t been said already. It’s widely regarded as one of the greatest gangster films ever and brought the genre to new heights. Scorsese came out with Casino 5 years later, which was another classic mob movie. The latter half of the decade saw him confuse some of his fanbase with movies that seemed to be departures from his usual subject matter. 

Goodfellas star Ray Liotta with the real Henry Hill at an event for the film. Image:IMDB

Film 3: The Departed (2006) 

After the success of Gangs of New York in 2002, one of Scorsese’s biggest yet ventures, he teamed up with Di Caprio again and made The Departed, a film following an undercover officer adapted from Infernal Affairs, a police drama from Hong Kong. The Departed was a massive success and earned Scorsese his first ever Academy Award for direction, after multiple nominations. Scorsese hasn’t slowed down since and shows no sign of stopping, and has steadily been making hits since The Departed. 2021 will see him bring together his two most frequent collaborators, De Niro and Di Caprio for Killers of The Flower Moon.  

Amazingly, The Departed saw the veteran director win his first - & so far, only - Academy Award. Image:IMDB
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