Dr Who drinking game - EXTERMINATE...my liver

Tom Shrimplin takes you on a journey though time and space as he shares his drinking game to play whilst watching Doctor Who

9th November 2015

You will need:

- A bottle of wine/cans of beer

- Vodka or any other spirit

-The ability to time travel when the hangover kicks in the morning after

1. Take a drink whenever somebody runs (in excitement, away from a monster, whatever).

2. Take a drink whenever somebody is exterminated, deleted or killed in any way shape or form. Additionally, take a shot if more than one person/alien/life-form is killed off in one go.

3. Take a drink whenever the Doctor uses a sonic device - down it if it’s something other than a screwdriver (yep, those super-cool Ray Bans he’s been sporting recently counts).

4. Take a drink when the Doctor uses the psychic paper and gives himself or his companions a false identity.

5. Take a drink whenever the Doctor dramatically introduces himself (no one likes a show off).

6. Take a drink when someone enters or exits the TARDIS. Down it if they say the immortal words ‘it’s bigger on the inside’.

7. Take a drink whenever  someone makes a sexual joke.

8. Take a drink once the threat has been neutralised. Down your drink if everybody lives.


9. Take a drink whenever the Doctor insults a human.

10. It’s Jenna Coleman’s last season, and it seems probable that Clara’s run on the series isn’t going to end happily. Take a drink whenever Clara’s fate is foreshadowed.

11. Take a shot whenever the word “hybrid” is mentioned.

12. Take a shot whenever the Doctor plays the guitar.

13. Take a shot whenever Clara takes charge or acts somewhat like the Doctor.

14. Last but not least, take a shot whenever the Doctor raises his eyebrows. It might be wise to set a three-raise limit, if you want to get to the end of the episode.

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