Ed Sheeran's Autumn Variations Bonus Album brings a little extra

One of our writers looks at Ed Sheeran's new bonus album...

Marketa Schulzova
20th November 2023
Image credit: Instagram@teddysphotos

"It is magical, it is magical..." sings Ed's lips at a very new album he recently published and didn't miss by naming it in the honour of the season, Autumn Variations. Same as the latest release of his album at the end of September caused a wave of 'ohh' and 'ahh'. No one could have predicted the extra "cherry on top" when the bonus videos were uploaded to YouTube.

No one could have predicted the extra "cherry on top" when the bonus videos were uploaded to YouTube

The video of Ed visiting his fan's houses in the US and performing songs from the album for them quickly became a popular and discussed topic on the internet. The artist is quite notorious for his interaction with the fans and performing at informal places around the world. Maybe it is exactly the cosines of those living rooms and notion of house life which suddenly gives the singer a humbler and more casual look of 'just a boy with the guitar', as he likes to call himself anyway, since his career rocketed to the sky.

Personally, I can see in those videos an original idea behind his whole career and how Ed actually started. The fact he showed up at someone's door with him and his guitar just performing a song, which show his thoughts, not just about the life decisions but also changeability in society, warms my heart. Many fans already express their opinions that they can see the previous style which made Ed the superstar he is now, with authentic guitar solos, slow melancholic melodies or very rhythmical wordy songs he likes to play - and we like to hear!

Besides the overall spread of this news, it's also worthy to check the songs by itself. Already the first on the track, Magical, leaves a memorable feeling of 'good old days' and how easy and confusing human emotions can be, especially talking about love. Followed by sentimental bits as are England and American Town where the melody goes slightly under the skin, we get a hype with That's On Me where even Ed says that the song is too wordy it is hard to catch a breath after (check YT tape That's On Me: Live from Narine's Living Room).

But what makes the bonus videos remarkable is the approach of the whole concept. The singer in the people's houses, their chat and small talks about the songs and album itself, shy smiles of the girls admitting they literally scream inside but need to behave in front of cameras or just a silly jokes about wine or food in the kitchens - this all bring more credibility and reality into the latest work of the pop star and definitely serves as the promotional material to carry this album at the recent charts.

If you're not sure whether to give it a chance or not to listen, these are some of my favourites from the album...

  1. That's On Me - I can't help but listen to this one. I got an ultimate throwback to the Galway Girl era when I hardly can pronounce all the lyrics but somehow it makes you like the song even more. And this one goes on the same path.
  2. Plastic Bag - Here goes some of the darkest lyrics I've remember so far. The whole song feels like an honest testimonial of any person going through some real troubles of a daily lives lately. It gives you chills but also the feeling of comforting which I find quite revealing.
  3. Magical - There is the first and the softest one. The album starts as the waking up from a dream which serves the calm light melody and text about how it feels to first fell in love with someone. True classic!
  4. England - Anyone living in the England can definitely find something which feels relatable with this one on the track. Ed presents himself as the narrator and a guide to give the audience a look, a simple glance, at what it feels like to live in the land of fish and chips and rainy weather. Must listen record!
  5. Spring - It seems weird to have a song called like that at the album dedicated to another season, but guess what - it makes a perfect sense, in the context of the text and yes, once again, an honest confession of a person struggling to feel good at some point in the life. Spring nicely put the words in the order as it pass the reference of overcoming the troubles as well as people overcoming the winter and looking for spring season to come.

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AUTHOR: Marketa Schulzova
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