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Ellie Phillips uses a trip home as an excuse to rave to UK Garage’s finest trio and urges us to skank to Mungo’s Hifi

Ellie Phillips
5th December 2016

This weekend I endured a painful 5-hour train journey home to Norwich, including an hour layover in Peterborough, also referred to as the ‘Station of Satan’ due to its hellish and depressing attributes. Managing to board all the correct trains this time unlike my last venture home, I arrived by 6:30, was pre-drinking by 8, and walking up to UEA LCR by 10:30 to witness the wonder of TQD – Royal T, DJ Q, Flava D. I felt lucky that this event tied in with my family trip home as I was totally oblivious to them playing Newcastle a few months back, and missed them at Leeds Festival this year due to being a massive baby and going to bed early on the last night, so I finally got to see what all the hype was about.

If I could sum up the experience in one word, it would simply be “fun”. Apart from the slightly below average use of sound system, there were good people, a good atmosphere, and dutty bassline mashups throughout the entirety of the set. I didn’t feel the urge to cop out for a cigarette break at any point due to bangers being thrown out left right and centre, totally engaging me for the trio’s hour and a half presence. The only annoying thought was wishing I had manned the hell up at Leeds to go see there much longer, much dirtier set at Relentless Stage - but I really do hope there’ll be a next time. The talent downstairs in Room 2 was also surprisingly good, with local DJ resident ‘Bean’ stealing away the crowd for the first hour or so of the night, with tamer Cosmic Ballroom-like vibes.

You need to hear: Eats Everything

If you know anything about modern house then you probably don’t even need to be told about this guy, but here it goes anyway. Bristol-based producer Eats Everything (also known as Daniel Pearce) has been on the scene since 2011 with his first EP Entrance Song. Since then he’s produced a multitude of praise-worthy mixes, appearing in Boiler Room sets and featuring at festivals all across Europe, as well as winning his second DJ Mag Award for Best British DJ just last year. And if you’re still reading this thinking “who the hell is this guy?”, just type in ‘Dancing (Again)’ into Spotify to be reminded of that banger of a track you probably heard in the club just last week. Eats Everything is everywhere, and it’s not a surprise with the quality of talent and personal flare he infuses into each of his tracks, like the bizarre and upbeat vibes of ‘Moog for Love’, to the more synth beach party tones of ‘Big Discs’. Here’s hoping that Newcastle can get him booked in soon so that everyone can experience the fun first hand.

Listen to: Eats Everything – ‘Moog for Love’

“Here’s hoping that Newcastle can get him booked in soon so that everyone can experience the fun”

Preview: Lively Up Presents: Mungos Hi-Fi Xmas Skank! Friday 9th December at World Headquarters

With term ending on December 16th, it only seems fitting to enjoy as many festivities as possible with your flat mates, course mates, the people of Newcastle etcetera etcetera before we all return to our respectable home counties. So, be sure to get the drinks in and rock up at World HQ this week for a dub filled night of treats. Whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, come together and jump up quickly for a night out fun and dance.



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