Ellie Goulding: Delirium

Meg Long reviews the latest release from Ellie Goulding

24th November 2015

When Ellie Goulding released ‘On My Mind’ questions arose over whether her album could live up to the electro-pop hit which seemed to mark a pinnacle in fresh sound for Goulding.

This is not an album for the fans who obsessed over ‘Love Me Like You Do’

Whilst the album delivers even more of a dance influence than its predecessor ‘Halcyon’ the ferocity of the single is only matched by the absolute gem ‘I Do What I Love’ which has a Bollywood feel and has Ellie Goulding come across both fierce and fearless. This is not an album for the fans who obsessed over ‘Love Me Like You Do’ as the other ballads on the album are laced with dance beats and quirky bridges. These add an element of interest to what could potentially be another Ellie Goulding, X Factor winner sounding, ballad.

However we could still do with less ballads when it’s the bangers that truly stand out on the album. Her singing style moves from sweet to soulful and, in places, is more spoken, adding a depth to her vocals. Each song’s brilliance lies in the story it tells. At once, you will be encapsulated by the songs’ root of emotion, with lyrics that carry a real truth with them. Ellie Goulding is not going to brought down and the combination of pop melodies, synth sounds and electronic beats in her music make you want to dance, songs like ‘Codes’ and ‘Something In the Way You Move’ build in excitement and ‘Keep On Dancin’’ has a sharp, dangerous edge.

Delerium is the album which will make Ellie Goulding as she has propelled her music forward with a daring electronic pop sound which elevates her above the other female pop singers in the market.

Meg Long


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