False lash frenzy

Ruby Story Dartford gives us her opinion on the false lash frenzy. Love them or loathe them, they are a beauty trend here to stay.

Ruby Story Dartford
15th March 2020
From a bold pair to a wispy set for daytime attire, lashes have definitely become a staple piece in every girls make up bag. Whether they’re for a night out or a bit of day time glam, lashes can be sure to add some sparkle to any look. Whilst many are quick to label them tacky, these fiddly falsies have saved my beauty routine.

Not being blessed with the luxury of naturally wispy lashes, falsies have transformed my make-up looks and reshaped my face over the last few years. Whilst admittedly, in recent years, I’ve looked more like a drag queen than myself! However, practice makes perfect and I’ve finally nailed the art of choosing the best pair to fit my face, often opting for the brand Ardell Wispy. So what is the reason for this falsie frenzy? Eyelashes have risen in popularity over recent years, gone are the days when they were just an evening accessory, as they have been hailed an everyday essential with the market expected to reach £1.5b in just 5 years alone.

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The success of these must haves could arguably be down to the growth in the blogging world with many famous faces such as Saffron Barker and Emily Canham regularly sporting the falsie look across YouTube. The rise in the 'selfie' within social media apps such as Instagram can also play a crucial role in the lash industry, and with more pressure than ever to capture the perfect snap, lashes are deemed to grab attention a mile off. There is no doubt that false lashes are extremely addictive, with many choosing to invest in lash extensions permanently. This is no longer a trend, but a lifestyle.

With lashes ranging from bold to wispy, there is the perfect pair for any occasion, and best of all they are reusable, with many being animal cruelty free. Even after consistently scaring myself senseless when mistaking them for spiders legs, I refuse to return to the life of mascara. The addiction to them is so extreme that there is not often a day when my natural lashes appear to the outside world. From losing them midway through a night out to finding random strips placed all over my bedroom floor, they are definitely worth the hassle, sure to transform any make up look from a two to a solid ten.

Although this addiction comes at a costly price, spending at least £5 for a set at a time only for them to ping off half way through the night. Alongside this, the constant supply of lash glue is never-ending. Four years after my first eyelash experience, I still have multiple meltdowns and second thoughts over going out when they simply refuse to stick to my face.

Yet as many girls know, beauty is pain, and there is no joy like sticking on a fresh pair of lashes before a night out. Love them or loathe them, this is certainly one beauty trend that I and many others won’t be ditching any time soon.

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AUTHOR: Ruby Story Dartford
Journalist Student studying at Newcastle University.

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