Florence Foster Jenkins (PG)

Imogen Scott-Chambers checks out Meryl Streep's new film. Will it be harmonious, or just a bit painful?

16th May 2016

An absolute delight from start to finish, Florence Foster Jenkins does not disappoint as a heartwarming tale of courage, love and music.

Meryl Streep plays the titular songbird, a New York socialite and a lover of the arts with a huge heart and even bigger dream. After taking inspiration from a performance by soprano Lily Pons, Madame Foster takes up singing lessons, exhibiting a true passion and enthusiasm for the subject. Hugh Grant is at the top of his acting game with his role as partner and manager St. Clair Bayfield. He acts just well enough to match Streep’s undeniable talent but also demonstrates some restrain, not over acting as the role could easily have allowed for. Both Streep and Grant are complimented by Simon Helberg’s superb acting prowess as spirited pianist Cosme McMoon, and the three bring an interesting dynamic, bizarrely reminiscent of a classier You, Me and Dupree.

"The film chronicles an interesting period in the life of an extremely intriguing character"

The main plot focuses on Madame Foster’s desire to sing at Carnegie Hall. This event has now become the stuff of cult legend, since, at the time, there was more than a little doubt that the insatiable socialite would pull it off. The film chronicles an interesting period in the life of an extremely intriguing character, unlike anyone you will ever know, she is a force of nature and the film enchants you, making you thirsty to know how her story will end.

Florence Foster Jenkins teaches one to follow their dream and live their passion, without the use of cartoon characters and auto-tuned voices chirping Disney melodies in one’s ears. The film is a real life story of feminism, fight and fun. It’s also another triumph for Streep, giving another performance that will surely be in contention when Oscar season rolls around next year. Is there nothing this woman cannot do?

Rating: 8/10

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