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Arnojya Shree looks at why the recent cancellation of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is actually a saving grace

Arnojya Shree
20th July 2020
Credit: IMDb
A few months ago, I wrote a couple of articles on Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. One of which was a preview that admittedly had me so excited I binged its previous two seasons. However, after having watched all three parts back to back, I realized that the first two seasons were done outstandingly well and provided space for Sabrina’s character growth. But that space seems to have shrunk in season three where it is almost as if Sabrina is stuck in quicksand, unable to move on and develop.
Credit: IMDb

The entirety of the cast seemed to have gone through major character growth, as their arcs had expanded, by incorporating a multi-dimensional perspective. Moreover, a sense of survival and strength seems to have appeared. This was especially true for leading female characters like Prudence who took leveling up to a master level. Instead of pining for Father Blackwood’s acceptance, Prudence took fate into her own hands and went on a hunt to catch him. Zelda, on the other hand, became the matriarch of the coven and tried her best to hold it together; like a Supreme Mother Witch.

Credit: IMDb

With so much strength exhibiting off the characters around Sabrina, she herself seems to have been left behind in the race. Tangled up in teenage love dramas and crowning illusions provided by Lucifer, her growth as a character got lost.

From a starry-eyed 16-year-old in season one to a reluctant witch in season two, season three couldn’t fulfill its promise of portraying a more mature and decisive Sabrina. Instead of being responsible, Sabrina’s decisions, or rather mistakes, took a reckless and dangerous turn as they showed no sign of a lesson being learned.

With no growth regarding the protagonist, the show failed to maintain interest

With repetitive mistakes and no growth regarding the protagonist, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina failed to maintain interest which makes the cancelling of the show a wise decision. However, being a fan of the first two seasons, I still have a little hope for the upcoming fourth season, where I dearly hope Sabrina picks up her slack and bids a graceful goodbye to her loyal audience. 

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