For the love of Blanc (not bar)

Nusrat Angela proves to us that white isn't just for your wedding...

Nusrat Jahin Angela
3rd December 2018

All-black is always an easy look to pull off, but nothing speaks elegance and luxe more than the bold white.

And winter and white have long held a soft corner in our hearts. From chic fur coats to cosy knitwear, from snowy satin skirts to sleek trousers, these ensembles have a way of pulling the strings at all the right places. Thus, to succumb to this obsession of all things blanc, here are a few ways to own this winter in white.

Fur coats

White fur coats are always a grand affair. They are the epitome of luxury and class. Whether you are going out with friends to the club or a formal party, a fur coat is a girl’s best friend. If looks could kill, fur coats would be at the top of the list. Their versatility makes them easy to pair up with any other piece. Just make sure the attention remains on your coat. Tone down the other pieces you wear it with. Simple pants, jumpsuits, or pencil skirts would be good for complementing the coat.

Suit Up

There is nothing more powerful than a woman in suit. The look oozes sheer confidence. And a crispy white one on top of that is sure to add a new level of chicness and sophistication to it. However, make sure to choose a suit that is well tailored and complements your figure; whether it is blazers and pleated pants, or coats with bell-bottoms. White makes the figure prominent, so it is important that your suit is well fitted. You don’t want to look like you don’t pay attention to details.

Add some bling bling

A bit of glitz goes a long way when it comes to adorning your perfect white outfit. But be careful not to go overboard with all the shine.  The more the merrier does not particularly go well with this style. Simplicity is the key here. A touch of hardware on your handbag, some Swarovski jewellery, a pair of metallic shoes or some silver embellishment on your white sweater- just add one of these at a time. The look will be rich, lustrous and hard- to-miss.

Mix it up

If you want to elevate your fashion game a notch, use different textures to add dimensions to the overall look. Cotton tops or silk shirts, along with linen pants and padded jackets. To add winter vibes to your outfit, throw in heavier fabrics like denim, fur and wool.  But care must be taken so that you don’t try to wear it altogether in one outfit. The fabrics will simply get lost and the outfit will plummet down from a fashion gem to a faux pas.

Add different shades

White doesn’t have to be boring. You can always mix a dab of cream, eggshell, ivory or vanilla to breathe some soft colours into the outfit and make it interesting. The end result will still give a sober airy feel, but with more vibrancy. Perhaps with a pair of white trousers, you can opt for a vanilla knitwear and a cream camel coat. Experiment with the different shades to find the right balance. Again, don’t go off wearing all the colours you can lay your hands on at the same time.

Add contrast

Head-to-toe white is great, but a bold contrast can bring focus to the outfit. Throw in a pop of colour here and there. You could be wearing an all-white suit with a bold red fedora, or an oversized knitwear dress with a bright magenta or shiny black pair of boots. You could also add the contrast through accessories. Maybe a Persian blue clutch or the plain-old bold red lips can add so much to your white overalls. But always remember to play contrast with one item.

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