Freedom and Fashion

Exploring the influencers and brands making an impact for the better when it comes to body positivity.

Sophia Ayub
28th October 2021
Instagram: @enamasiama

Unfortunately, it’s no secret that the ever-growing and fast-paced world of fashion hasn’t always had the best reputation. Its long history of favouring heterosexual, white, sized zero models and influencers, not only idolizes the unattainable but exclusively caters to it.  

Despite the industry beginning to dip their toes into the niche market of a more diverse palette, it's unfeasible to forget fashion houses haunting reputation for cultural appropriation and blackface.  

This very reputable culture embodied by the fashion world, with its impossible body standards and continuous advocation for validation, has bred a scary relation to severely negative mental health impacts. However, fear not, as we have seen over the past decade incredible growth throughout the once majorly exclusive industry.  

Instagram: @thesineadburke

Emerged from the ashes, we have seen the dawn of some hugely impactful and inspiring influencers and fashion legends who have reshaped and imposed positive change via the power of social media, such as Ashley Graham, Sinéad Burke, Enam Asiama, and SO MANY MORE! 

Fear not, as we have seen over the past decade incredible growth throughout the once majorly exclusive industry...

A perfect example would be the work demonstrated by Kurt Geiger. The chic footwear brand has embellished a real sense of unity within the fashion industry with their ‘People Empowered’ campaign – a platform for Kurt Geiger to celebrate and embrace a variety of people in the fashion industry who challenge the traditional norms.  

So next time you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and are flooded with the same impossible standards traditional garment industries would impose, just think, "what could the fashion industry mean to you". Embrace its newfound direction, clear out that toxic feed, and find solace in others that share and embrace what fashion means to you. 

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