Freshers’ fundamentals

Miranda Stoner talks us through the 5 fashion essentials for freshers

19th October 2015

Packing your whole life into three suitcases is hard, but often the trip up to Newcastle demands you to make some difficult decisions - what stays and what goes? To help you out, here are your five fashion essentials for the winter semester.

Ankle boots- Make any outfit look instantly smarter and prevent blisters by basing your outfit around a practical pair of boots. Try rolling the hem of your jeans to show off some ankle or tucking leggings in to create the impression of a leaner leg line. Alternatively you can wear your boots with a skirt or dress to create a more sophisticated look.

A plaid shirt- Heading into winter, shirts are pretty key to layering because they look great with literally everything. You can find them in every colour, making them one of the most versatile autumn staples. A plaid shirt can be worn day or night, rain or shine. For a casual look try pairing the tartan with florals and wear unbuttoned with rolled up sleeves over a t-shirt with jeans or shorts. If you’re going for a more refined look, either match a skirt or coloured trousers in a complimentary colour, or simply style it like a cardigan over a fancy top.

“A rucksack is quite possibly the most important item you can own whilst at uni’’

Frayed denim- It doesn’t matter where the fraying is taking place, whether your jeans have been cut off at the bottom or slashed at the knee. You can wear a dishevelled denim jacket or a wraparound denim skirt with raw edges, just as long as there’s a balance of the classic clean cut lines associated with denim and that dishevelled vibe made famous courtesy of London Fashion Week’s street style, you’re doing it right.

Cosy coat- Don’t be deceived by the clear skies and sunshine - it’s getting cold outside and it’s important to wrap up warm in order to protect yourself from the dreaded ‘fresher flu’. A statement coat is therefore important in order to maintain a fashionable look without detriment to your health. Stand out against traditional dark winter colours with loud patterns or a pastel shade and as far as this season’s looks go the more you resemble a teddy bear the better.

Rucksack - A rucksack is quite possibly the most important item you can own whilst at uni. You can fit your books in, your food shopping, and anything else you might pick up on your travels. As well as the practicality though, a rucksack manages to suit any outfit. A black leather one is probably your best bet, and its worth paying a little bit more for quality, it’ll get more use than any other accessory you own.

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