Fresher's Spotify Picks - Fickle Friends

A Fine list from our Fickle Friends!

Toby Bryant
23rd September 2017
Image Credit: ChuffMedia

There’s a lot of exciting times in the pipeline for Indie-pop band Fickle Friends. We caught up with lead singer Natti Shiner during a few spare moments on a train ride and talked touring in October, challenges for Geordie crowds and tips for your Fresher’s Week night-out, as well as picking those tracks for the best Fresher’s Party.

The five-piece have recently released the confident Glue EP and have so far loved playing it: “New music is so much fun to play”. It’s left fans’ taste-buds tingling for next year’s debut album and there is good reason to be anticipating the excitement. Natti revealed:

“There’s going to be a lot of weird things thrown in to mix it up a little bit – even something close to a ballad. We’ve got a track listing and a release date so are just finishing things off.”

Fickle Friends will be bringing their funky, feel-good melodies to Riverside in Newcastle on October 18th and Shiner spoke of the Geordie crowd:

“I have high expectations. No one is yet to beat Edinburgh or Glasgow though, the Scots are mental, so there’s a challenge. It’s like the further north you go the rowdier the crowds get!”

We asked the 25-year-old what to expect from the upcoming tour and she revealed “confetti (venue permitting)”, “new album stuff” amongst other "cool things”.

For the Freshers arriving at Newcastle University, Shiner had some tips. She recalled “a mental rave in the woods with our drummer, Sam” and crashing Sussex University’s fresher nights from her music school.

When quizzed on her tips for a night out Natti advised the following:

  •  Never go out in heels. I know that’s not a Newcastle vibe but just wear fucking trainers if you want to have a good time and dance.
  •  Take hand sanitizer because some places are gross.
  •  Always leave a spare set of your house keys in your shed or at a friend’s because you will lose your keys without a doubt.
  •  Always make sure you have a big loaf of bread for toast when you get home otherwise you’ll be getting a really gross kebab and you’ll wake up and regret it.

Here are the tracks Fickle Friends pick as their best tracks for a Fresher’s Week Party:

Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Yes

“I remember going to a party and there was an iPod that anyone could use and I put it on and it really seemed to go down well so that would be my number one.”

Mr. Brightside – The Killers

“Who’s not going to sing along to that?”

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson

“Another crowd pleaser – I’m going old school in all of these!”

Lean On – Major Lazer

“It’s undeniable. It’s just so good, too good.”

Naïve – The Kooks

“It’s just another Mr Brightside.”

Roar – Katy Perry

“There’s got to be Katy Perry. Last Friday Night or Firework no, Roar. Let’s go for that. Any of the greatest hits of Katy Perry.”

Glue – Fickle Friends

“If I had to pick one of my own.”

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