From Halls to Doors: The Best Accommodation for the Lazy Student

Aimee Seddon advises freshers on the best student spots to live in second year.

Aimee Seddon
22nd October 2018
Image: Bench Accounting

Freshers, you may feel like you’ve only just arrived in Newcastle, but the time to think about your second year living options is fast approaching. Whilst we tell our parents a different story on the phone, we have to admit that us students can be pretty lazy. So this is a guide to moving out of halls for those looking for the easiest way of life…


This popular student area is ideal for those wanting a quick journey to Uni. The Metro will become your best friend. Depending on where about you live, West Jesmond Metro station can be anywhere between a 10 minute and a 30 second walk. The journey to Haymarket takes around 3 minutes, so if you time it right you could leave just ten minutes before the lecture starts. Jesmond also makes for a no-hassle night out, there are so many bars on your doorstep that you can have a fab night without barely moving an inch. Can’t be bothered cooking your own tea again? No need to worry. There are so many restaurants for you to choose from, mum never has to know you only turned the oven on twice!


Housing is cheaper here compared to Jesmond, meaning you’re less likely to need a part-time job to get by. Trying to cut down on your uber addiction? This area lies the closest to town, ideal for those seeking the shortest walk home from a night out. But if you’re not up to traipsing down to the Toon, Sandyford residents are lucky to have The Holy Hobo, which stays open until 2am (later than any Osborne Road bars.) The walk to university is also shorter here than from Jesmond or Heaton. However, be warned- there is no metro to save you on particularly tiring Monday mornings.


This area is even more affordable than Sandyford, so you can definitely get away with working less hours to pay the rent. It’s the furthest out, but Chillingham Road Metro to Monument takes only 6 minutes. You’re also the closest to some major supermarkets, making the arduous task of food shopping a little easier. For the lazier chefs, this place is takeaway galore, and best of all, Heaton is the only area with its own Dominoes. Plus. if you want to avoid Uni work, you can go spend your time lounging around the beautiful Heaton Park. In Summer, it is the perfect excuse for sunbathing the day away.

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