GoT Creators Will Write New Star Wars Series

Will this be a new hope for the franchise?

Alex Moore
27th February 2018
Image Credit: Suzi Pratt (Wikimedia Commons) [Under the following licence '(Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)']

It was recently announced that the creators of the insanely popular TV adaptation of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, have been recruited by Disney to write and produce a new Star Wars series. 

In true Star Wars fashion, this will likely to be a new trilogy of movies, but their series will be independent of both the current Skywalker story and the Rian Johnson trilogy (a risky move, given the very mixed reviews of The Last Jedi). It will also be separate from the upcoming TV series set to air on Disney’s new streaming service.

"Disney are milking the name a little too much"

As the Walt Disney Company clearly knows, there’s a whole load of money to be made from the franchise, but it is beginning to feel like Disney are milking the name a little too much.

That said, the pair could be a new hope for the saga, possibly heralding the beginning of a darker, grittier side of the Star Wars universe - something fans of The Old Republic have been envisaging for years (which would have happened already, had the Underworld series not been scrapped).

"Emotional depth, character development and believable baddies - would that be too much to ask of Disney?"

Maybe fans can finally expect some of the features that made Game of Thrones the phenomenon it is, which have been lacking in the recent movies - like characters with a little emotional depth and development, and maybe even a believable baddie. Would that be too much to ask of Disney?

As production of the final series of Game of Thrones is still underway and has been given a 2019 release, it seems like fans will have a good while to wait to find out.

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