Get schwifty for season 4 of Rick and Morty

Iona May Todd explores the world of Rick and Morty in preparation for season 4.

Iona May Todd
22nd October 2019
Credit: IMDb, © 2013- Adult Swim
Faster than time continuum sees the fourth season of Adult Swim’s cult classic Rick and Morty, rioting onto our Netflix screens on November 10th. And, personally, I was looking for an excuse to swim in the schwifty depths of this animated universe.

One of the most indiscriminately, intelligently senseless cartoons in animated history, the aesthetic of Rick and Morty creates a dreamscape of the most succinct development of universe(s) – creating a spectacle of single-most demand for an audience’s attention; wherein a multidimension of inconceivable colour congeals minds of show producers, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. In summation, Rick and Morty follows the exploits of the relationship between grandfather and grandson; substituting the stereotype of tender familial moments, for the preference of disestablishmentarian science and standoffishness.

"A blend between 1985’s Back To The Future with Netflix’s original series Big Mouth"

Although the 2D cartoon, primarily, may pose as inclination of another simple child’s animation, the censor bleep is used more times than voice actor’s themselves, posing the idea that this infinitely interstellar multi-universe is as complex as the reality of our own – only, maybe with a little less of the aliens and inventions.  I'd summarise the show as a blend between 1985’s Back To The Future with Netflix’s original series Big Mouth and you’ve got a generalised idea of the show, but nothing could compare to the artesian depth crafted of the adventures of our four-fingered fellows onscreen.

Impressively, the show builds a taskforce of postmodernity paired with the purely nihilistic – conceiving an almost hyperrealist simulation for a viewer, oxymoronically, in the most non-realistic way possible. In turn, this perceives our reality through the perspective of protagonist/scientist, Rick (Justin Roiland); creating a pessimistic alternative on the approach to life. What this timeline has to offer poses contrast to our own – inspecting a world of subjective space continuum to create what is inaccessible, as accessible.

I regard Rick and Morty as a modernist masterpiece of our generation – vital for the public to take advantage of. Sure, it may not help your Physics degree, but at least you’ve got plenty of time to binge watch by the time the fourth season drops – Wubba Dubba Dub Dub Beyoch!

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