Giambattista Valli x H&M fairytale collab

Shamara Mohsin shares her thoughts on H&M's newest collaboration with fashion designer Giambattista Valli

Shamara Mohsin
17th October 2019
Image Source: @giambattistavalliparis

After a sell-out capsule collection back in May H&M has announced a re-release of Giambattista Valli’s haute couture collection set to grace their site on November 7th.

Image Source: @giambattistavalliparis

If you managed to miss the fantasy fuelled collaboration during its unveiling at the Cannes Festival months ago, then prepare to marvel at the gorgeousness of the line that had Instagram enraptured.

Valli, originally from Italy, took inspiration for his idealistic comprisal of pieces from the city of love itself, Paris, his new home.   The collection amazed audiences by capturing the sensation of love, with the appropriate name #projectheart.

While the project began with a tactful nine-piece collection back in May, the limited launch saw items flying off the racks, or in this instance- page- as the site crashed, sold out in thirty minutes, and resold for double its market price. Something you can still see to this day gracing your search screens. The entire line was exclusive to the online retailer aside from nine in house stores which again corresponds with the rise of interest in online shopping for youth, an audience Valli said was the focus of this collection.

"including accessible prices even the pocket pinching student can afford."

Alas Valli and H&M have returned with their dreamy designs and possibly better than before as the once exclusive evening wear line now features items for every occasion; including accessible prices even the pocket pinching student can afford. While the most expensive of the original collection would have set you back a steep £399, the new range is much more bank account friendly and comes as cheap as £15.99.

For those that are not willing to spend a month’s rent to nab a piece of frilly fabulousness stay clear of the nine originals. Yes, they’re back and just as dazzling, with the fuchsia pink-most famously worn by Kendall Jenner-now available in pastel pink; you decide whether this 2.0 model is better than before.

Image Source: @hm

For those without that Kendall Jenner budget for their fashion therapy, there are retro acid-washed jeans, Chanel inspired blazers, or sherpa jackets perfect for the winter season- so something for everyone. The collection displays old school femininity in its female line with frills, floral and lace in excess. The distinctly delicate collab comes in various colours but none to be outdone by the ferocious pink sweeping the models.

"we appreciate the turn to higher prices and, hopefully, better quality-even if we can afford less of it."

Image Source: @giambattistavalliparis

However, you feel about its partner H&M, the brand synonymous for fast fashion, Valli says the change in the market this line is pursuing is a new challenge. The famed fashion company boasts over 54 items in this collection both marketed to male and female audiences. As H&M actively pursues a new image of ‘conscious’ fashion, in a time when it seems all brands are after the elite label of ‘sustainable’, we appreciate the turn to higher prices and, hopefully, better quality-even if we can afford less of it. Of course, don’t expect the same quality as that of Valli’s usual pieces as the price slash reflects the fabrics and techniques used to create them, but none the less Valli promises he’s undoubtedly proud of each item.

"At a time when the term ‘nonconformity’ leaves designers salivating at the mouth"

At a time when the term ‘nonconformity’ leaves designers salivating at the mouth, this line could be the most daring yet. The designs reminisce old social standards when feminine meant pastels, frills meant girly, floral described delicate and all women were irrevocably 'princesses' and were expected to dress as such. As times have changed many try to up-sell to a wider audience, featuring varied pieces that appeal to more, whereas Valli’s choice to limit his collection to the fun and frilly may just be nonconformity at its finest and a bold move on his part. But with floral on the rise maybe Valli’s just so ahead of the trends he’s better than all of us.

After a perusal of the line have you been inspired to rock the Valli runway wear, or will you be missing the moment? Be warned if its anything like last time you better get your laptops at the ready as the line may just be the equivalent to the Glasto ticket drama; here one minute, gone the next- only we can’t promise you’ll ever see a Valli x H&M collab again.

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