Gig Review: BlackWaters // RedFaces // Retro Video Club – THINK TANK, 1st November 2018

'So good I bought the t-shirt’

Abbie Rose Herring
6th November 2018
Credit: Abbie Rose Herring


Amidst the progressive indie scene, upcoming indie bands BlackWaters, RedFaces and Retro Video Club equally rocked the THINK TANK stage with their very distinguishable sounds. Announcing their third wheel-tour meant that all three bands would be co-headlining their shows together, which was ingenious marketing, establishing it as a must-see gig for all indie fans.

Indie-punk band BlackWaters opened the night with their heavy riffs and shout-style punkrock vocals. The four-piece Guildford band played one of the most entertaining sets I’ve  watched in a while. For lovers of Slaves and LIFE, Blackwaters similarly have the aggressive tone of critically acclaimed punk bands, with an indie-rock ‘n’ roll edge, which transforms their set. Their epic stage performance involved the guitarist carrying around the front man around  the stage, on his back, whilst jamming mid-set.

[pullquote]RedFaces shaped the night with more chill indie vibes[/pullquote]

Their alternative chic and unmatched energy  make songs ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ and ‘People Street’ two songs to listen to. Sheffield band RedFaces were next up with their indie garage-pop style. RedFaces shaped the night with more chill indie vibes, similar to that of The Vaccines, bringing a much more relaxed aesthetic,  complimenting the angsty punk-rock feel of BlackWaters. RedFaces took the stage with two notable band t-shirts including Supergrass and Idles, which reflected two of their musical influences.

Their tunes ‘Wise Up’ and ‘Messed Up Feeling’ showcased their vocal harmonies and indie-rock melodies which established them as a notable upcoming indie-pop band of 2018. Headlining the night, Retro Video Club brought a much more developed and assured sound. The Edinburgh indie-rock band performed a set as convincing as that of other professional rock bands. With their Stereophonics-esque sound, Retro Video Club’s songs ‘Chemistry,’ ‘Psycho’ and ‘3am’ have the Biffy Clyro sound with an indie edge. Their driving rhythms and upbeat melody authenticated RVC as classic indie-rock band, their Scottish roots and accents providing them with the stand-out stone the band needed.

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