Gig Review: Jacob Sartorius at Metro Radio Arena

Connie Smith reviews rising-star Jacob Sartorius' set at Metro Radio Arena, supporting The Vamps.

Connie Smith
1st May 2018
2017 Jacob Sartorius - RCA

Styling blue ripped jeans and a black t-shirt, Jacob Sartorius was welcomed with the loudest cheer of the supporting acts so far, following :PM, HRVY and New Hope Club.

Although only 15, Jacob has managed to achieve 9.2 million Instagram followers, which is many more than arguably more well-known celebrities. Jacob’s crowd interaction at the beginning, both when singing and between songs was almost faultless. It looked like he’d been performing for years, asking the crowd if they’re having a nice night and raising the roof with the cheers.

Image: Chuff Media

[pullquote]With more experience and developed vocals as he grows older, he could be an even bigger name within the industry.[/pullquote]

His second song named ‘Like Me Better’ expressed plenty of emotion, and even though not his own work, he still managed to connect and engage with it tremendously. However, although Jacob was seemingly adored by the crowd at his introduction, as he continued his set the atmosphere created by the previous acts had almost disappeared as the crowd seemed less interested being evidently quieter and less lively. This was perhaps because there were also moments of particular songs when he was overpowered by the music and band, possibly because of his young age his vocals aren’t fully developed. After following several older and more experienced acts this was more noticeable than perhaps if it was just his own performance that night.

Furthermore, Jacob’s stage presence was limited as he made little use of the walk way, which would’ve allowed him to connect with more fans, not just the ones at the very front. In addition, after following three others acts who all had choreographed routines, it was noticeable that Jacob did not make much of an attempt to dance, other than a few hand flicks here and there which, let's face it, we are all capable of!

Overall, it was not a bad performance and it is evident he has a talent for performing. With more experience and developed vocals as he grows older, he could be an even bigger name within the industry.

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