Gig review: Soul II Soul - The Sage, 4th November 2018

'I think I may have found my people…'

Helena Buchanan
7th November 2018
Credit: youtube


[pullquote] The message of Soul II Soul’s music is basically love'[/pullquote]

It is safe to say that I have never before felt so young at a gig. Whilst waiting for a friend to arrive beforehand, I spent a while outside the venue, all the while becoming increasingly aware that we were not the target market for the gig. It hadn’t totally occurred to me that a thirty years anniversary gig meant that the band were started well before I was born.

Nonetheless, I really really enjoyed it—I think I may have found my people…

The message of Soul II Soul’s music is basically love, and that was felt throughout the gig. Sometimes I do love an intimate show with one or two people on stage but honestly, I prefer something which could realistically be described as orchestral. I like a group, and a group there was, each performer as good as the next. I have infinite respect for drummers or anyone with the steadiness required to keep time. I had even greater respect for the three back-up singers who brought, as well as swelling vocals, energy and moves which left me with the distinct inclination to get some kind of dance lesson.

The highlight of the gig (beside air con and seats- not leaving drenched in sweat was strange and quite nice) was undoubtedly 'Back to Life'. Really it’s what we were there for, and we were graced with the late eighties (a time I remember so well…) London love we had hoped for.

Throughout the gig graphics had been projected onto screens around the stage, often old album covers, which was entirely appropriate for a thirty-year tour, as the experience was saturated in the history of the band. This was keenly felt during 'Back to Life', as the original music-video was playing in the background. Though slightly surreal this was a great move, as the audience were both in the present and allowed to indulge in nostalgia. Being slightly younger than the average audience member, this was lovely to watch. People living their best life. Bangin.

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