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Meg Blount looks at ways in which pumpkins can be re-purposed post-Halloween.

Meg Blount
28th October 2019
photo: Yulia Chinato (unsplash)
As the 31st October draws ever nearer, preparations for Halloween are sure to be well underway with devilish decorations, crazy costumes and scrumptious sweets re-emerging for their yearly display. However, the stardom of the show undoubtedly belongs to the traditional pumpkin – these unique lanterns, created centuries ago during the Celtic era, were intended to ward off the evil spirits that were believed to revisit the mortal world on the last day of October.

Yet, over the years, the carving of a pumpkin has strayed from its historic origins, now an enjoyable activity for most, with designs ranging from the typical scary face to elaborate creations. Nonetheless, these wonderful works of art are only desired for a short period of time, raising the interesting question: what can be done with the pumpkins once they have fulfilled their purpose and Halloween has passed away for another year?

photo: Maddy Baker (unsplash)

The obvious answer is: FOOD. Almost all parts of a pumpkin are edible, resulting in a plethora of delicious recipes that are readily available to everyone - meaning anyone can put their culinary skills to the test and turn their used lanterns into mouth-watering snacks and meals. The Courier generously offers a few ideas to ignite this pumpkin delicacy revolution.

Regarding savoury food, here are some suggestions: for something quick and easy, try roasting the seeds of a pumpkin to make a tasty, moreish snack. Or for something a little more complex, prepare some pumpkin hummus to spread on warm bread or to use as a dip. In terms of more hearty food, a pumpkin soup is a perfect meal to warm the cockles on a blistery autumn day. A slightly more exotic alternative is a pumpkin curry, entwining an Indian tang with the wholesome fruit.

Pumpkin can also be used in deserts, to please your sweet tooth and fulfill any cravings. The go-to pumpkin pie is a popular choice for very good reason; but a pumpkin cheesecake offers a whole different sensation and is a more imaginative approach, sure to impress. Controversially, put a twist on the classic pancake pudding and incorporate pumpkin for that little bit of seasonal spice.

Go forth with this influx of inspiration: grab your apron, chef’s hat and pumpkin and strive to become the culinary artist you always knew you could be – in this life and the next…


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