Going on the lash: with which lashes?

Sophie Hindhaugh advises on her favourite lashes, for any occasion...

19th November 2018

I’m a firm believer that false eyelashes make a look. You can’t have bold eye shadow and just a whimper of mascara on your eyes - you need that drama so your little lashes don’t disappear into the oblivion of your carefully done, smoky eye. What’s the point in meticulously blending your eye shadow, just to drop the ball at your lashes? Eyes are the windows to the soul, so do yourself a favour and get them some nice curtains- for nighttime and daytime.

[pullquote]Don’t underestimate the power of wearing a nice, subtle, wispy lash on a special day trip or an occasion, where you know there will be a lot of photos taken, as the result is anything but subtle[/pullquote]. Wearing lashes will make your eyes pop and your Instagram posts that little bit fitter. And while I’m saying they’re worth investing in, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a bomb. £30 Lily Lashes that can be worn up to ’20 times’ (we both know that they’d be lost on their first night out) are not, student friendly or necessarily worth it, not when there is a plethora of cheap to moderate wonderful lashes you can buy.

For daytime and night time - Ardell Wispies Multipack, Boots, £16.90:

Boot’s Ardell Wispies are a staple favourite of many. I’ve worn them both during the day (they’re not too thick and quite feathery) and night (they’re just long enough for when you’re wearing eye shadow). They’re the perfect transitional lash, and are flattering on just about everyone. They flare out slightly towards the end, giving them a sexy, subtle cat eye effect, which make them one of my favourites. Easy to put on because of the thin band, the multipack is definitely worth the hype.

For a glam, night time outing - Any of the Pinky Goat lashes, Superdrug, £9.99:

Multi award winning Pinky Goat is a relatively new brand for me, but I’ve already tried a few different styles. More suited to nights out because of their density and length, I usually wear a pair of these when I really want to draw attention to my make up. My recommendations are the silk fibre style Noura lashes, which have glamorous levels of volume and are double layered- giving twice the intensity, as well as the Sahar lashes, which are slightly softer but designed with beautiful, long wisps of hair that create the perfect length and blown out look.  Grab three packs when Superdrug has its 3 for 2 on- and don’t forget your student card for 10% off!

For day and night - Primark, various prices but all below £5.00:

If you’re really on a budget- don’t underestimate Primark. Don’t get me wrong, Primark does have some awful, tacky lashes- but they do have some hidden gems. Recently they have upped their game, with their GWA and SOSU ranges, as well as their 3D Iconic lashes- that are as low as £2.00.  These 3D Angel eyelashes from the Iconic range are the perfect date look, not too bold but just the right amount of drama for your peepers, being soft and fluttery. They’re also only £2.00, so they’re perfect to practice with. For a night out, I recommend the SOSU lashes, which are £5, and are just lovely as well as easy to apply. They look way more expensive than they are, and add a definite flair to your look. So make sure to check out Primark if you’re on the look out for some new lashes!


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