Guardian critic releases new book on artist Tracey Emin

Iona Lowe looks at Guardian art critic Jonathan Jones' new book on the prominent modern artist Tracey Emin.

Iona Lowe
11th December 2020
Tracey Emin in Conversation with Jonathan Jones, 2017 | Credit: Tate Talks on Youtube

With the success of an artist there comes the secrets of their past. Art critic Jonathan Jones' new book (published 26th November) is an exploration into the modern / expressionist artist Tracey Emin, accompanying a new exhibition at the Royal Academy, and explores the fascination Emin has with artist Edward Munch. Jones also investigates past drawings, sketches and sculptures that have previously been well hidden.

Jonathan Jones' new book | Credit: Abrams & Chronicle book

Many people know Emin as a conceptual artist – most famous for her piece ‘my bed’ - however, Jone’s book opens up a new dimension to Emin’s work. He distances her from the Duchamp’s DaDa tradition, and instead showcases the talent of the artist herself. He discusses her deep works that explore the loneliness, religion and love found in the world, pieces inspired by an eclectic mix of Emin’s travels around the world, the comfort of her home in Provence, and the residences of her youth.  

Jone’s book spans ten years of Emin’s work, from her sell out show at the Glasgow School of Art, all the way through to her trip to Turkey exploring her heritage. He explores Emin’s work made before she became the phenomenon she is today, uncovering how she developed her ideas to become what we know as Tracey Emin. 

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