Gym Wear to get your Gears Going

Beauty editor, Laura Buckle, explores the world of gym wear to help us tackle “that” 2019 resolution...

Laura Buckle
11th February 2019

So, another year has come around and like most new year’s, there’s a probability that “join the gym” is at the top of many resolution lists. It’s always a go-to, cliché resolution somewhere in-between “saving money” and “being more organised” but cliché or not, being “healthier” or “fitter” still stands as a very productive resolution whether you’re a gym-lover or a stranger to the sit up. You’ve got your motivation, maybe attempting “dry January” or “Veganuary” and you may even have a new gym membership, but what about your wardrobe? With tens of “gym-wear” specific brands now out there, there really isn’t an excuse to be exercising and not look good whilst doing it. Where to start though?

For the “Budget-Friendly” Gym-goers

Whilst January may be a month for being “healthier” and “fitter”, January is often always a month to save, save and save some more. Many of us have spent an unworldly fortune over the festive season, so, if you’re watching your money closely this January, Primark may be the store for you.

Basically, Primark have been killing it with their fashion-fitness recently. Not only is the majority of their range under £10, their “athleisure lifestyle” aesthetic is stunning and the quality of their items are actually (surprisingly) impressive. Their sports bras are particularly fab; in plenty colours and designs and ranging from £4-£7, they keep the “girls” secure but are also super on-trend. Currently, Primark have pastels, neon and monochromatic styles in store to stay relevant with the present fashion trends storming the high street. But for me, it’s Primark’s basic pieces which are ultimate staples. Their grey seamless t-shirts and leggings aren’t ill-fitting or give “that” awkward crotch area issue and their black range of full-length, short and ¾ leggings aren’t see-through at all. And with their new extensive sizing, Primark really are running the budget-friendly fitness game.

For the more “Bank-Committed” Gym-goers

For some of us, a resolution needs an “all-in” approach; effort, attention, focus and funds. So, if you’re not cash-conscious this January, then I would recommend Nike. Whilst Nike may not be worried about meeting current “neon” trends, the technology behind their materials and footwear is both tried and tested and sustainable enough to justify the price tag. Whether your interested in running, yoga, tennis, boxing or swimming (to name few), Nike caters for a whole variety of sports in their classic minimalist designs with the iconic “swoosh” emblem. As a well embedded brand into sporting culture, their reputation and technology combined is enough to sway me; their chic and sometimes urban designs are just an added bonus. I would recommend that every avid gym-goer needs a pair of the Nike-Pro leggings. They are a firm favourite in my collection and an excellent place to start (from £37.50).

For the “Instagrammable” Gym-goers

Ok, so we’re all in the gym for one thing, to exercise, but what’s to say that you can’t be prepared for a “Instagram moment” whilst doing it? Looking good can really have an impact on how you feel and if you’re feeling good whilst exercising, then you’re probably in for a productive workout. If your all about the aesthetics, then GymShark Woman is definitely for you. They have grown in popularity purely through their “look” and Instagram has really helped them explode online, it’s now difficult to scroll Instagram without spotting an influencer in their co-ordinate pieces. Whilst GymShark aren’t the cheapest, prices starting at £40 for most leggings, their athleisure designs mean you can wear them both on and off the treadmill which justifies the price. Alongside their infamous Flex line, there are six more hyper-feminine ranges to choose from; from block colours, marl and seamless designs to camouflage print, ambassador influences and loungewear sets. Whilst I’m yet to try GymShark for myself, friends have not only quoted their aesthetics but also their comfort. Yet, whether you’re opting for GymShark for comfort, or the seamless fit, there is no doubt that their iconic waistband design and playful colours will definitely turn heads in the gym.

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