Hardly a chip off the old block: the PS5 shortage and why I'm not buying a PS5 any time soon.

Emily Kelso describes her current apathy around the demand and lack of availability of Sony's current gen console.

Emily Kelso
19th February 2022

The PS5 released late 2020 - but its journey to the everyday home has been far from smooth. Issues have been abounding recently with chip shortages resulting in reduced stock. What even is the chip shortage? Will it be resolved soon, and do I even want a PS5 at this point? Honestly?


Ever since its release, the console has been amusingly difficult to obtain. Essentially a video game quest in its own right. But what's stopped the PlayStation enthusiast from completing the level and getting a PS5? Well. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a demand for laptops as people started working from home, which included some of the same components used in PS5s. Manufacturers can hardly prioritise PS5s over laptops, and so stock has been consistently low throughout the PS5's release. Sony's CEO admitted back in July 2021 that PS5s would not be able to meet demand for some time thanks to this, and he sure was right.

To cater for the mass demand, accounts such as this one have been set up to allow consumers to track any availability of stock. (Image: @PS5StockAlertUK/Twitter)

Even if PS5s suddenly became as abundant as flared pants in Castle Leazes, I doubt I'd be rushing out to my nearest Game to buy one. The first reason is simple: money. PS5s are selling for £450, and quite frankly, that is a lot. Such an extravagant purchase seems unnecessary at the moment, especially considering food prices are on the rise and have not stopped just yet. Not only is the console itself expensive, but so are the games. It is normal to expect games around £50 at release (and that's just for the basic edition without any bells and whistles), but Sony announced PS5 games would be more expensive when released too.

Similarly, because the PS5 is such a new console, there aren’t that many games out - and out of the ones that are, some of these releases are remastered collections of games made for prior PlayStations. Take Uncharted for example. First released on PS3, the first three games were remastered for PS4 in advance of Uncharted 4. The PS4 was then graced with Uncharted 4 and The Lost Legacy.

So rare are the consoles, even eBay suggested one of our editors should just settle with current-gen. (Image: eBay/Apple)

Despite Uncharted 4 and Legacy being of incredible quality, they are being rereleased and remastered for the PS5. Is there a need? Aside from these remastered versions, which personally doesn't seem necessary, there aren’t many games to choose from. Even then, the only game that looks inviting for me is A Plague Tale. Waiting ages after an incredibly expensive console for one game and remastered versions of games I already own? It’s a no-brainer.

I am a more casual gamer, so the desire to get the latest in console gaming is less important for me. That should not undermine my points however - it’s an expensive console with reduced choice in games that you’ll end up waiting ages for. My tactic when it comes to this sort of stuff is to wait a few years when the console and games are half the price and much more abundant in choice. So, will I accept this mission of buying a new PS5? I think I’ll save and exit instead for now, thank you.

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AUTHOR: Emily Kelso
Third year History and Archaeology student. Also a Comment Sub-Editor.

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