Harry Potter and the upcoming tv series

Daniela Vasilache sees if it's as easy as a swish and a flick to make a Harry Potter show fly

Daniela Vasilache
9th February 2021
Credit: IMDb
A Harry Potter TVseries is in the early stages of development at HBO Max, in collaboration with Warner Bros. A writer and a plot have not been decided yet, so the possibilities are endless.

The announcement stirred the spirits on social media with fans having mixed feelings. Some people like the idea of a reboot because they want justice for the books. The show could be the chance to see some beloved scenes, like George beating Draco at a quidditch game or Hermione founding S.P.E.W. Also, the characters who were left out of the original films might have their moment to shine (I am thinking, especially, about the poltergeist Peeves and Winky, the house-elf).

Alan Rickman as Severus Snape, Credit: IMDb

However, there is a large part of the public who are against a reboot for many reasons. The main argument is that part of the films’ magic was ensured by the cast. We cannot imagine anyone else playing Harry Potter other than Daniel Radcliffe, and Alan Rickman will ALWAYS be our Severus Snape; the same goes for the rest of the characters. Another huge drawback that a reboot might encounter would be the highly cost of production. Because this is a magical world, with peculiar objects, fantastic beasts and many spells, bringing the books to life requires lots of digital effects and CGI.

There are many storylines the show could explore

Even though a remake may not be the best idea, there are many storylines the TV series could explore. I am sure fans would enjoy a prequel about the Marauders or the founders of Hogwarts. A sequel would be another interesting idea, presenting the adulthood of the protagonists and their children’s adventures. If the producers were to consider a spin-off, they might present the other wizarding schools, like Ilvermorny and Durmstrang or show Charlie Weasley’s work with dragons in Romania.

Hogwarts Legacy video game, Credit: IMDb

While opinions are divided about the show, something fans agree on is that they do not want Rowling to benefit from this project. The writer is facing backlash from the public due to her transphobic beliefs and attacks. But the fans’ wish may not be possible as the author reserves the rights of the franchise and has a word to say in everything related to it.

Either way, the TVshow will, hopefully, be a valuable extension to the Harry Potter universe, alongside Fantastic Beast, which is having its third film released in 2022, alongside an action RPG video game, Hogwarts Legacy.

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  1. Fantastic article, Daniela! I for one am actually really excited to see what they come up with as a super-fan of both the books and films! Would love to see the Malfoy/Black family explored more, or even just the characters that never made it to screen 🙂

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