Antonia Coleman-Harvey shares this month's horoscopes with us.

Antonia Coleman-Harvey
19th February 2018
Image Credit: pixabay

21 March – 19 April
You have surprised your friends by your efficiency and calm control over demanding hurdles – but that’s just how you do. Uranus passing through your sign over Valentine’s Day has you prancing about in an emotional flurry, enjoy the positive energy.

20 April – 20 May
Up to your old bull in-a-china-shop ways, Taurus. Try to reign it in slightly or else you may push away your nearest and dearest. Use your time to plan some exciting trips, as the next month could be the start of something very big for you.

21 May – 20 June
After the storm comes the calm, Gemini, don’t forget it. This period of chaos will soon be over with help from a caring Capricorn. Steer clear of Pisces this week, as their romantic interests may clash with yours; make a move on someone who seems keen for an adventure.

21 June – 22 July
Those early morning trips to the Robbo are getting you down a bit, aren’t they, Cancer? A positive change to your working routine may be a good solution. Why not try working from home for a little bit? Unlimited amounts of tea and snacks!

23 July – 22 August
The decisions you make this week in an irritable head space will hinder your ability to make thorough progress. A loving relative could give you some advice on how to calm your temper. Look out for the number 19 this week.

23 August – 22 September
Virgo, ever the analyst. Unfortunately, there is no scientific explanation as to why the period between the lunar and solar eclipse has made you feel peculiar. The fruits of your hard labour are seeking some rewards; give yourself a welcome break this weekend.

23 September – 22 October
Your best day of the week is Friday and colours to look out for include calming yellows and blues. However, expect a shaky few weeks, as drama and upheaval awaits…

23 October – 21 November
If you lower your expectations, Scorpio, you won’t be so easily disappointed. This week you will build good rapport with a friend; even if romance isn’t on the cards, this is a valuable friendship.

22 November – 21 December
Be prepared for some emotionally shocking news from your friends (a Capricorn?) as the value of their friendship will enter new heights. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself this week.

22 Dec – 19 January
The stars are looking a bit muggy down your end, Capricorn… Sorry, nope. No horoscope for you this time.

20 January – 18 February
Use your wicked sense of humour to your advantage this week, it may give some friends the push they’ve been needing. You also need to stop putting off work and make sure your projects are in on time.

19 February – 20 March
Eating more fish was never a bad idea, particularly for you, Pisces. The changes to your diet will make a big difference to your emotional wellbeing.



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