House of Cards: 'Ale to the Chief

Ritwik Sakar ensures that lonely nights in with Netflix will be a lot livelier with his House of Cards Drinking game. Now, you can get plastered over politics, and enjoy it.

2nd November 2015

You will need:

-To get rid of your Netflix and chill buddy

-A newsagent’s supply of booze

-A decent knowledge of USA party politics

1. Whenever Kevin Spacey breaks the fourth wall, start your pint of lager and don’t finish till he’s done

2. Plot to overthrow the president introduced? Shot of vodka

3. Plot to overthrow the president achieving critical mass, down whatever your drink is

4. Whenever Frank says ‘Power’ smash down on the table once and take a big sip of wine

5. Whenever Claire says ‘Francis’ yell, ‘For Frank’ and sip your cider

6. Take a shot every time anyone goes on a jog

7. When the music goes eerie, slowly sip your drink until the score has faded away

8. Hang your head in shame and take a pity shot, every time Zoe thinks about screwing Underwood over

9. Large sip of wine whenever there’s any tasteful nudity

10. Take a shot every time Doug fixes a problem or meets someone in a diner. Double shot if he is

11. Take a shot whenever Frank eats at Freddy’s BBQ

12. Pour one out every time Peter Russo is mentioned

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