How to enjoy Christmas... Despite January Exams

Music, food, rest and organisation: Charlotte Cooper gives us 4 tips to enjoying the Christmas break despite the deadlines and January exams.

Charlotte Cooper
11th December 2017
Image: Pixabay

The Christmas winter break is nearly here. For some it will be the first long period of time back home and with January exams looming it’s starting to put a dampener on the festive mood. Before the caffeine addiction hits and the 24/7 library trips start, you deserve some hard-earned time off.

Despite the stress of exams and the tendency to stat in bed all day, it’s still time to be festive, so here are some tips to get you in the mood.

Make a flexible work plan.

Making a schedule is the best way to keep motivated and on target for the January assignments. But who wants to work over the whole break? Make a flexible weekly list of things you need to achieve. This way you can go for that festive pint down the pub with your mates and not feel guilty about not revising. This also works well if you’re not in the mood to crack on with an essay and want to go and buy the Christmas turkey with your mum, just as long as you actually stick to your weekly targets so that you’re not leaving everything to the last minute.

Take regular breaks.

This might seem obvious, but it will definitely keep your Christmas spirits high. Take some time to totally chill out, after all you have been working hard for the last three months. So, take a few days or even week off uni work and to do so why not start yourself off with a festive film. Christmas24 is the channel which will fill you heart with all the joyful films we hate to love. Grab a glass of mulled wine or a festive hot chocolate (if you’re like me and don’t fancy fruit in your wine), a mince pie or two and a warm cosy blanket. This set up will certainly allow you to relax and get in the celebratory mood.

Image: Pexels

Festive food treats.

The one thing every student misses whilst away from home is home cooked food - is it just me or does it taste even better at Christmas time? Fill your boots this holiday with the turkey left overs, the pigs in blankets and even go wild on the Brussel sprouts, you’ll need those vitamins come January. For those with a sweeter tooth, the box of celebrations that gran brought round for the family will be your holy grail of revision treats. When you’ve read some literature for that essay or revised a hard topic treat yourself to a delicious treat. Don’t worry about thinking you’ve eaten too much, you can leave the Bounty’s for dad.

Christmas music.

Now that it is officially December, the grinches of Christmas can no longer protest to your excitement, telling you it’s too early to blast out ‘Jingle Bells’. This is by far the ultimate way to stay festive despite the stressful exams upon us. Dig out that Michael Bublé Christmas album you’ve been hiding from your flat mates, they’ll be thankful when the sweet sound of ‘Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ is in their heads for the last week of term. For those of you who can’t suffer the silence when doing work, create a Christmas playlist to get you in the party mood. Who would have thought that revising would get you so full of joy?

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