How to keep creative under Covid

Sophie Hamilton tells us how creativity can help us through these tricky times

Sophie Hamilton
10th November 2020
Since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent lockdown, adapting to a new way of life has been a crucial and compulsory adjustment.

The effects have been profound and it’s hard to dismiss the adverse psychological effects that are conjunctive with isolation. The relationship between psychological adversity and creativity can be a decidedly nuanced one.  And, while we might expect hard times to coincide with a creative plateau, the lockdown-period not only reaffirmed the cultural significance of the arts to our livelihood, but creating became a natural, almost primitive response to an ever-changing social climate.

Muno Clothing is a Leeds-based start-up project selling prints and t-shirts with original digital-designs; The idea was conceived by couple Jade Baron and Fran Milner during the lockdown period and they have reaped the benefits. They say, “Being creative in lockdown has been such a positive outlet for us to be able to channel our energy into something worthwhile, it brings us so much happiness to be able to design things that people want to put on their wall or wear.”

In this way, the relationship between art and the artist and the consumer becomes interpersonal.

From the creation of the design, to the purchase, to wearing or displaying the art – The process is a symbolic conversation and the symbol is interconnectivity. In the case of Muno, the project has given the couple a chance to pursue a shared passion, only enhancing the message of interconnectivity on another dimension: “Lockdown has been the first time in so many people’s lives where most distractions around them have been taken away. For us this made us realise how much we wanted to spend our free time doing something we loved and doing it together was a bonus!”

Ultimately, in times where connection becomes scarce, art and creation become a vessel for unity. It comes as no shock that when instability arises, so does a torrent of inspired art. 

Featured image: Pexels via Pixabay

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