How to make your makeup stand out this Christmas

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Molly Taylor
14th December 2021
Image from Unsplash @Yunona Uritsky

Now that the Christmas season is upon us, parties seem to be happening left right and centre! If you're anything like me, you'll also love experimenting with makeup, and trying different eyeshadow looks - what better way to practice and up your makeup game than for a party or festive gathering? (Or just for your own enjoyment!).

I love the Christmas season because it gives me an excuse to try out bolder looks and colours I wouldn't normally feel comfortable wearing every day.

I love the the Christmas season because it gives me an excuse to try out bolder looks and colours I wouldn't normally feel comfortable wearing every day. Why not crack out those green and red glittery eyeshadows you've been saving all year? Here are some other ideas to take your makeup to the next level:

1. Red lipstick

I am usually quite afraid of red lipstick, as I worry that such a bold colour doesn't suit me (and God forbid you use a matte one that dries out your lips to the approximate level of the Sahara desert). I have decided to embrace the red lippy look this winter, and try out some lovely deep shades that put me in the festive spirit. I also love applying a dark red shade all over, and then blending in a slightly lighter one in the centre. This gives more dimension to your lips, and makes it a bit more fun and interesting than just one colour. There's also something quite liberating and confidence-boosting about wearing a red lipstick. For some reason, it makes me feel powerful, despite just being one element to a look. My friend once wore red lipstick on her bar shift and made double the amount of tips than what she usually made, so other people must like it too (although of course that's not the reason to wear it, apart from if you fancy a bit of extra funding for your Christmas shopping this year!)

I love these double-ended lip glosses from Kiko in the red shades.

2. Glitter!

We all know that glitter is a way to turn a normal look into a festive one, but how can you incorporate it into your makeup? I opt for the sparkliest eyeshadows I can find, as they elevate any look. I usually apply darker shades to the outer edges and centre of my eyelid, and then a really bright sparkly one to the inner corners. If you fancy a bolder look, you can buy a glittery silver or gold eyeliner pen. I love this addition to my makeup, and because the colours are bright, it's much easier to hide any mistakes that you make than if you use a black eyeliner pen.

I love this silver eyeliner from Collection, Boots. (It's £3 too!)

3. Winged eyeliner using eyeshadow

Right, please bear with me - this isn't as scary as it sounds. For the longest time, I thought I was really bad at makeup. For years I would opt for one colour of brown over my eyelid, and call it a smokey eye (I know, disgraceful). I wrote myself off as not a very creative person, and thought that the world of makeup was an unreachable realm. However, lockdown last year changed that; I watched a few makeup tutorials and looked through pinterest, and essentially just practiced a bit. Lo and behold, I wasn't quite as terrible as I thought. I love making makeup easy for myself, and so the product that I love using (that you probably already have at home), is tape. I have tape specifically made for makeup, but for the longest time I used washi tape that I had at home. This creates the best winged eyeliner, and is so easy to use. In edition to this, I love using different bright colours on my eyeshadow palette with an angled eye makeup brush, rather than opting for an eyeliner pen, which, from my experience, is messy and difficult to use. Additionally, I have an infinite number of lovely colours in my eyeshadow palette, so I don't need to keep spending money on different eyeliners if I fancy creating a new look. I recommend using the darkest shades on your palette.

I like this angled brush from Zoeva, and this cosmetic tape from Revolution. I also use this eyeshadow palette from Revolution because it has so many colours!

4. Gems

I recently saw a friend at a party using gems as part of her makeup look to match her turquoise top. She placed the gems underneath her eye in the centre, and I thought it looked so beautiful and festive. I managed to find a set of nearly 1,000 gems in different colours for just £2 on Amazon, as well as some eyelash glue to stick them on. It's a really unique way to elevate your look, and although I've not tried this yet, you could experiment with sticking them on your brow bone or in your inner corner. For a slightly more subtle look (or as subtle as colourful gems can be), I opted for 3mm sized gems. Of course, if you prefer to be bold, 5 or 6mm also works.

I bought these gems from Amazon.

For this look, I incorporated all these ideas - I used a bold red matte lip, which I made glossy by applying a thin layer of liquid lipstick on top. For the eyes, I created a wing by using some tape and dark green eyeshadow with an angled brush. I also applied a thin line of glittery eyeliner as well as some small 3mm gems underneath my eyes.

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