Howay,It’s Regional Slang

Confused by your flatmates’ conversations? Antonia Colman-Harvey brings us the concise guide to decoding Northern slang

30th November 2015

These Geordies are strange folk aren’t they? Since arriving at Newcastle, you may have heard some strange words, phrases or sayings that you’ve never heard before. Those who are (proudly,  naturally) anything North of Manchester seem to at times have their own language that defies any sensible conventions, and can to the untrained ear, sound exactly like Gobbledegook.  But if you want to avoid the polite-laugh-and-nod situation when you’re not quite sure what you’ve agreed to, here’s a list of Geordie sayings I’ve picked up from my flatmates- from quite ordinary, to very exotic- the meanings might bewilder you…

Especially if you’re a -* quote * - ‘dirty southerner’.


1) Chuddy

Meaning: Chewing gum.

Usage: “you need some chuddy cos your breath smells, like.”

2) Anorl

Meaning: As well.

Usage: ‘Can’t believe that lecture wasn’t on, turned up for it anorl’

3) Mint

Meaning: really good.

Usage: “3 trebles for £6, that’s mint!”

4) Pied

Meaning: To leave for someone else.

Usage: “I pied her cos shes a ugo”

5) Cushty

Meaning: really good.

Usage: “It’s okay Wendy if you missed that deadline,

just sit dahn and ave a cuppa, aaahhhhh cushty”


6) Ellish

Meaning: To describe something as really good.

Usage: “Denise it was due in tomorrow! Ellish!”

7) Lush

Meaning: aesthetically pleasing.

Usage: “Treated myself to a lush milkshake after the assignment”

8) Buer

Meaning: good looking.

Usage: “Apparently her lecturer is a buer”

9) Gam yam

Meaning: leaving to go home

Usage: “I’m gam yam cos I’m tired”

10) Mortal

Meaning: very drunk.

Usage: “I was maaaahrtall last night, like!”


11) Offit

Meaning: crazy.

Usage: “she’s offit if she thinks I’m doing a 1200 essay by Monday”

12) Shan

Meaning: not very nice.

Usage: “I hate you, you are ugly.” “Stop being shan.”

13) Gippin

Meaning: something awful

Usage: “Mate, didn’t save my 1000 words.” “Ah, that’s gippin.”

14) Blaked

Meaning: to be drunk

Usage: “I was blaked last night in the library- was offit after 1000 words”

15) Yt

Meaning: to be sick.

Usage “That was one hell of a yt in the library”


16) Game

Meaning: to be up to something.

Usage: “I am so game for going out tomorrah”

17) Bairn

Meaning: kid.

Usage: “Ahhh used to mind you when yous was a wee bairn and your mam went to work”

18) Toon

Meaning: the city centre.

Usage: “Just poppin into toon for a tea break aye”

19) Yous

Meaning: you (plural)

Usage: “I’ll go get the metro with yous!”

20) Why aye

Meaning: Enthusiastic way of saying yes.

Usage: Why aye man!”

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