Interview: Celia from The Big Moon

Music editor Joe Smith chats to The Big Moons Cecilia about music and Newcastle motives

Joe Smith
26th August 2020
Becoming tired of talking about Covid all the time, I chatted to Celia from the London four-piece The Big Moon in a Courier quickfire interview (that wasn't so quick) about farm animals, Record Store Day, and most importantly, Newcastle.

Tell us a bit about yourself

That's not quick! I’m the bassist in a band called The Big Moon

And how are you?

I’m fine I’d say

Who are The Big Moon in less than 10 words?

I feel like theres a ticking clock hmm. We’re a band from the UK who play music.

Solid. How would you describe your sound?

Uhhhh, I’m not sure. We haven't done interviews for  a while so I don’t have anything clever to say. I’d say our sound is really really good, a really good, really good sound.

What is your inspiration?

Hmmm, umm, I’d say right now our main inspiration is going for really long walks in the UK countryside because it’s just what I like at the moment.

What is Walking Like We Do

It is a wonderful album of 11 songs written at a time where we thought things were really stressful and that the world seemed a bit crazy but now we’ve been proved wrong. It wasn't that stressful at all.

What is  your favourite song out of the 11?

I think it’s ‘Your Light’.

Banger. Is that your favourite Big Moon song ever?

My favourite changes all the time, right now its that, I also love ‘Waves’ and ‘Dog Eat Dog’ all songs that are fun to play live.

Speaking of live music, do you have any rescheduled tour dates lined up?

We do, its rescheduled for March and April next year!

If you had to pick a tour date you were most excited for, where would it be?

Ummmmm Newcastle!

We’re from Newcastle! Why are you excited about the Toon?

The first time we ever played there it was at The Cluny and it has a farm opposite it! I remember we went into the cafe there and I went downstairs and there were pigs and a cow and chickens and little gerbil things. Livestock are my favourite kinds of animal. If every music venue had a farm nearby I’m sure it would raise the mental health of many musicians.

Could also up venues revenues! What’s your favourite farm animal?


Good choice.

They’re really clever.

And clean, they get a lot of stick for the whole mud thing.

Yeah people just want to hold them back i think.

What’s your favourite song of all time?

Oh my god, I can’t answer that!

That’s fair, we’ll null and void it. Record Store Day is coming up soon, are you releasing anything for it?

We are! Back in March we did a live to vinyl recording which was really fun, we played in front of a live audience. I loved it.

Sounds good! Will you be picking anything up yourself?

I’m not sure, I don’t know any of the releases. I'm more of a browser. The last album i picked up was Dream Wifes latest which was really good. I’m worried I’d mess up the RSD system with my browsing.

What is next for The Big Moon?

You’re killing me here! Ummmm we’re still a band, we’re carrying on and have been writing. Hopefully we’ll be in the same place at the same time soon and have a cry together and play some music!

Finally, is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Come see us in Spring! Come hang out, it’ll be fun and we can all rub up against each other!

The Big Moon are playing Newcastle Riverside on March 2nd 2021

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