INTERVIEW: Luke Sital-Singh

Music editor Jamie Shepherd sat down with folky guitar man Luke Sital-Singh before his performance in Mens Bar.

9th October 2015

You were on the Communion ‘New Faces’ tour and played The Cluny. What’s it like being back in Newcastle?

It’s good. I’ve been here all day and I never realised how nice the architecture and stuff is here in Newcastle. I’ve been walking about going “Oh, this is nice”. I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. Sometimes when you’re on tour you don’t get to see the city. You’re just in and out. Which is probably what happened the last time I was here. It’s rare that you actually get a chance to spend time in the place that you’re playing and explore it.

You’ve got a new EP out. What’s the reception been to that?

It’s been good. It’s quite an important EP for me to put out, for various reasons, I had a record deal that didn’t really work well and this is the first thing since that. I’m really proud of it and I think it’s gone down alright. I think from feedback from fans and stuff that people are into it. It’s had a bit of radio play as well what we weren’t expecting so yeah, it’s been good.

You’re album’s called The Breakneck Speed of Tomorrow. What’s the fastest you’ve ever travelled?

I don’t drive but I’ve probably been driven in the high 80s. I’ve been driven in Germany but I don’t think it would be more than 100 miles per hour.

This tour is part of the Coffee Shop Sessions. What’s your favourite type of coffee and why?

I’m a massive coffee snob and I’ve in the last few years got into making stuff at home by myself. My favourite thing to make is the filter stuff. There’s something about it as a ritual that I really enjoy. It’s a bit like a child’s chemistry set and you get this thing called an aeropress that I actually bring on tour with me. I can’t go on tour without it. So basically a black filter coffee made in an aeropress is probably my favourite thing. I think the reason I like bringing it on tour is because it’s something I do at home and it’s good to bring a bit of homelife when you’re on the road.

I’m going on a blind date tonight. What would be your tips for someone going on a blind date?
Don’t be racist, sexist or any kind of –ist, Try to keep that until the second date at least. That would be my number one tip.

Does Luke Sital-Singh kiss on a first date?

Ermmm… have I ever had a first date? It’s tricky to know. Most relationships have been with friends who have slowly evolved into something more. I’ve never met anyone and just gone “Oh, let’s go on a date” but I reckon I wouldn’t. Then again though, what do you mean by kiss? A little peck at the end of the night on the cheek is quite classy.

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