Into the Badlands

Into the Badlands is available on Amazon Prime from Tuesday

16th November 2015

Centuries in the future, following the destruction of civilisation, a feudal society known as the Badlands has emerged. A dangerous, godless place, the Badlands is a world in which each life taken is simply another tattooed line on one's body, and Sunny, the star of the series, has 404 lives emblazoned on his back.

With the lands divided uneasily between the Barons, Sunny is the right hand man of Quinn, the most powerful of the Badlands' Barons. With his origins long forgotten, Sunny is unequivocally loyal to Quinn, was merely nine years old upon his first kill, and has earned a reputation as the most ruthless of the assassins in the Badlands.

Yet while Quinn has ruled unchallenged for centuries, his superiority is faltering. After murdering her husband to become the newest Baron, the Widow and her army of young girls are on a brazen campaign against the formidable Quinn.

Ket to the Widow's schemes is the young M. K.. Yet once M. K. is rescued by Sunny the tide begins to turn. Harbouring a dark secret and memories of home inside, M. K. is taken under Sunny's wing, as his loyalty begins to waver. With war looming in the Badlands, never has Quinn needed Sunny more.

With the show perfectly balancing the action with drama, this martial arts series promises plenty of bloodshed, which Sunny and M. K.'s search for enlightenment provides the perfect backdrop against the imminent war of the Badlands. masterfully choreographed and loosely based on the 16th century Chinese novel Journey to the West, Into the Badlands delivers sensational moves guaranteed to impress the most sceptic martial arts fans.

Into the Badlands is available on Amazon Prime from Tuesday

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