K-Middy takes Vogue

Kate Middleton has graced the ultimate Vogue centenary issue cover, and Charisse Waterman tells us why she's the classic choice

16th May 2016

Kate Middleton has officially become a Vogue cover star. The Duchess of Cambridge will be honouring all of us as the cover model for their 100th anniversary issue, fittingly labelled ‘style through time’. Known around the world for her classic yet bold fashion choices, is was only a matter of time before the world’s leading fashion magazine decided to snap Kate up for their cover.

Kate, who always dazzles us with her use of colour and ability to wow with her interpretation of the latest fashions, kept it unusually simple for her shoot. Always ahead of the trends, how does she manage to make JCREW so elegant? The theme for the shoot seemed to be "beige on the farm", shot with natural lighting and neutrals to highlight the picturesque backdrop of down on the range.

On seeing the photos, I immediately needed to know who styled her for the shoot. It turns out Kate herself picked out the outfits for the shoot and that made so much more sense. The Duchess veered from her usual high glamour look and kept her makeup minimal and hair simple. I have no doubt that we will be seeing several "no makeup makeup" looks on all the upcoming runways during fashion week in September. She makes a fresh face look so ultra-glam. Mommy chic is officially a thing people: and Kate is leading the pack. We could learn a thing or two!

"I'm sure the Queen wholeheartedly approved of Kate’s choices, as it seems quite often that she picks her outfits right out of Her Majesty's closet"

Instead of elegant gowns or the latest high-fashion designs, Kate purposefully kept her looks simple as she wanted to show her adoring fans the reality of her normal life as a royal. My fave look from the shoot was the Burberry boot-cut trousers (yes BOOTCUT) and a simple Petit Bateau striped tee. At the end of the day, she's not just a future princess but a regular girl who bakes cookies and knits scarves just like the rest of us.

I'm sure the Queen wholeheartedly approved of Kate’s choices, as it seems quite often that she picks her outfits right out of Her Majesty's closet. Let us not forget the head-to-toe beaded cobalt blue dress with matching shawl, earrings, and bag on her recent trip to India (and one of my personal favourites), which seemed to pay homage, not just to Indian culture but also to Queen Elizabeth herself. I would not be surprised if there were a lovely pair of kitten heels adorning her feet.

Like others, I’m sure, her spread has truly inspired me to jazz up my wardrobe. Try something new and maybe switch out dark denim jeans for wide leg palazzo overalls. An outfit that would look so good on my 5'3 inch plus size body, and I’m sure would really emphasis my lower belly pooch. But hey if Kate can make it glamorous so can I, am I right? I have no doubt that if the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t on someone’s international best dressed list she definitely will pop on one now. It isn’t easy turning every day basics into global fashion must-haves but when you’re a Duchess and every housewife wants a chance to be like you, why not make it easy for them!

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