Kale-ing It

Miranda Stoner shares her vegan beauty survival tips on showering right

28th November 2016

For me the hardest part of becoming vegan was working out which products I can use and wear and where to buy them. I’m still mourning the loss of John Frieda hair care products, as they test on animals. However, the challenge has forced me to mix up my daily routine and discover new go to products. As a general guide the best vegan brands which are also against animal testing are Soup and Glory, Good things, Lush, Natural Source, Yes to and St Tropez. Whilst some of the certified vegan products have high prices there are plenty of budget friendly high street options out there.

So to start with shower gel- who would have thought that the simplest part of your daily routine could suddenly become so troublesome? Thankfully Natural Source shower gel comes to the rescue. It clearly states Vegan on the packaging and is a great product for all skin types although if you have sensitive skin you are best off with their shower milk range. These have a really creamy and come in a range of scents from the sharp mint to the sweet green banana and bamboo milk or for a really luxurious texture there is the coconut and shea butter. The RRP is £1.80 but if isn’t £1 or less in tesco, then Wilkos or Boots are bound to have a deal on.

Now comes the difficult part- shampoo. For years I was on the search for the perfect shampoo to strike the balance between soft and frizzy. I have probably experimented with every brand available in Boots.

It seems to me that the first wash with a new shampoo leaves it in perfect condition but several washes in and the glamour wears off- Naked Naturals shea butter and avocado shampoo and conditioner being prime examples. So I now choose to withhold judgement of a shampoo until the end of the bottle. However, I promise you that the Yes to range will not disappoint- at £5.99 per bottle it is a little expensive but you get a lot of product in the tube and you won’t need to wash your hair more than 3 times a week. The first one I tried was the yes to carrots which despite its carrot smell ticked all the boxes for me. It has since been remarketed as a scalp-relief shampoo but don’t let that put you off. It will leave hair soft and downy but without the mad scientist frizz. Since then I have tried yes to blueberries and cucumber and found them to be equally successful.

Another shampoo option is Happy Naturals Macadamia oil shampoo and conditioner, they have a faint Marshmallow odour and are perfect for coloured hair as the natural oils provide extra moisturisation. The only problem I had with this was that it was a little sticky and hard to wash out. I also tried Happy Naturals Coconut oil shampoo and conditioner and these weren’t sticky at all, these are more suitable for normal hair though as they aren’t as rich and creamy.

On special days I like to use Lush body conditioner- my current favourite is Christingle but I also love the body scrubs by Soap and Glory- if you can trust yourself to not eat it I would Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, but I have just finished a Hekla volcanic body scrub from purity herbs from Iceland. I loved the idea of washing myself in volcano and the smell was soothing with hints of lavender and citrus and it left my skin feeling energised and refreshed.

After showering I will always use a moisturiser- my go to is LUSH dream cream but at the moment I am using the LUSH Christmas special- Sleepy, which provides the same level of hydration for the skin but has a more delicate smell.

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